Another Deadly Attack in Darfur

While the world’s attention is consumed by the recently signed flawed agreement, reports of another massacre by Janjaweed (Rapid Support Forces or RSF) are coming out of Darfur.


On Saturday, July 20, six villagers were brutally shot dead. Amongst them were several children, and seven others were seriously wounded. The perpetrators still faced no consequences. The paramilitary group responsible for the killings were seen wearing Rapid Support Force uniforms.


The RSF slaughtered these six after accusing them wrongfully of theft. The RSF is not to decide who is guilty and who is not. The power-sharing agreement that was recently signed claimed it would prevent these types of senseless killings. The RSF has continued its barbaric violence under direction of the military junta, the TMC, who have just been legitimized by the agreement.


Saturday’s incident is not isolated. It’s a part of the systematic and deliberate violence that has continued to be carried out against indiginous Africans in Darfur for the past sixteen years. Impunity sanctions the attacks that continue today.


This sad incident came a week after the signing of a power-sharing agreement which proves that the agreement will not bring any change on the ground in Darfur. This validates a fear that many Darfuri felt after the signing of the agreement: it left them behind. The agreement is flawed and this attack proves it.


This recent attack also raises questions of legitimacy for the agreement. Specifically, its lack of an accountability mechanism. The negotiators of The Alliance for Freedom and Change Forces have done nothing other than giving more legitimacy to the military junta to continue carrying out their crimes.


It is extremely dismaying to see the international community failing in its responsibility to hold the perpetrators accountable. We therefore must speak up and compel our leaders to take effective measures to reexamine the agreement and bring to the accountability issue into question.


We call on the United States government, African Union and the member states of the United Nations Security Council to fulfill their obligation and hold the Sudanese military juntas accountable for their crimes.


U.S. and the UNSC must impose targeted sanctions, a travel ban and freeze the assets of the military leaders in charge of Rapid Support Forces. Justice for the victims and accountability for perpetrators is the only way to end the crisis in Darfur and Sudan at large .

Join with Darfur Women Action Group in our Stand With Darfur campaign to demand justice for those ravaged by war and genocide. Without justice, there will never be peace.


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