Dear supporters,

The people of Sudan need you now more than ever before.

Stand with Sudan is a campaign organized by Darfur Women Action Group to mobilize support for the Sudanese across Sudan who protest calling on its president, Omar al-Bashir, to peacefully step down and provide the opportunity for lasting peace and stability in Sudan. Our campaign will run between January 30th through March. DWAG will organize multiple actionable opportunities for American and Sudanese activists to engage in activities that will empower and amplify the voices of the Sudanese people.

The people of Sudan are calling for change and want your help in sending a strong message to policymakers in the United States and internationally to work toward a solution that meets their peaceful aspirations.

What it means to “Stand With Sudan”:

To stand in solidarity with peaceful Sudanese protesters through amplifying their voices by calling on your leaders to support the just demands of the Sudanese people to end human rights abuses, end the genocide, and return dignity to the Sudanese people.

Why you should support our campaign:

The people of Sudan have suffered a great deal for far too long and the international community is repeatedly failing them.

There has been a genocide in Darfur for over 15 years, while crises in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile have been going for 7 years. Overall, human rights conditions in Sudan are rapidly deteriorating and women and girls are the most targeted. Now, the government is killing peaceful protesters asking for help to end the suffering.

Today, the people of Sudan are more united than ever before, demanding one thing: “peaceful change” in Sudan.  We must not allow the international community to take this opportunity for change away from them.

If we can all speak in one voice, we can convince our leaders to take appropriate action. The time is now for the people of Sudan. With our collective efforts, we can make a difference.

What you can do to help our campaign succeed:

  • If you are US-based: Send our letter to your representative in Congress and your senators (US-based).
  • If you are US-based: Send our letter to the top Trump administration leaders.
  • An NGOs Sign-on Letter to the UNSC members
  • If you are EU or Canada-based: Send our letter to the Parliamentarians for EU and Canada.
  • Post our letter to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and tag your policy-makers, asking for their help.

Here is a sample post you can copy and paste onto your social media page:

(Twitter or Facebook handle of policy-maker), please read the letter below and work in solidarity with world policy-makers to #StandWithSudan.

  • Send a letter to the Editor using these talking points