Dear supporters,

July 12th marks the anniversary of al-Bashir’s indictment for the crimes of genocide. July 17th marks International Day of Justice. During this time we need to mobilize around the globe. We must demand effective action from the international community to bring al-Bashir and other officials wanted for crimes committed in Darfur to justice.

We must Stand With Darfur.

During this month long campaign, we must support the Sudanese who are still fighting for freedom and justice. We demand that our elected officials and international diplomats take immediate and effective action. In the face of genocide our leaders must not look the other way.

We will continue to educate you and share with you stories from the people of Darfuri. We will continue our outreach to policy makers and demand action. We will urge them to support meaningful US foreign policy solutions. We will pressuring the UNSC to enhance UNAMID. We will organize publicly to  advocate for Sudanese.

We demand that our government defend the rights of the people of Sudan to have the war-criminals arrested.

What it means to “Stand With Darfur”:

The Transitional Military Council (TMC) seized power from civilians when al-Bashir fell. Its notorious Rapid Support Forces (RSF) continue to threaten civilian safety. On July 4th, the TMC and the civilian opposition groups agreed on a power sharing plan. This agreement only strengthens the TMC. Some of the current leaders are responsible for carrying out Bashir’s genocide in Darfur. The oppression and violation of the rights of the Sudanese has been going on for far too long. Without accountability, one message is clear to the oppressor: it is possible to get away with murder. We must speak up and demand the perpetrators of genocide be held accountable.

In 2002, Al-Bashir began a genocide that resulted in the deaths of at least 300,000 indigenous Africans in Darfur and the burning of 500 villages. He never stopped. For 17 years the people of Darfur have been forced to endure endless violence. Over 4.7 million people have been impacted by the Darfur genocide. 3 million remain in camps in Sudan and neighboring countries where they are subjected to RSF attacks.

In recent years, the crisis continues to escalate. In 2016, 171 villages in the Jebel Marra were destroyed with chemical weapons used against civilians. In the past year, at least 45 villages were burned in Darfur. In 2018, UNAMID documented 192 victims of sexual and gender based violence. So far, no one has been held accountable for these atrocities.

Nearly a decade of impunity.

In March 2005, the UN Security Council unanimously referred the case of Darfur to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The case of Darfur is the first time the Court accused someone with the crime of genocide – the most heinous crime under their jurisdiction. The ICC issued the first arrest warrant for al-Bashir on March 4, 2009. The second arrest warrant was issued on July 12, 2010.

Al-Bashir is wanted for 5 counts of crimes against humanity, two counts of war crimes, and three counts of genocide. Yet he, and many others wanted for crimes in Darfur, are still free. 

The Sudanese have courageously risen up against al-Bashir and his violent regime. They continue to show the world that they are ready to pay the highest price for a change in their homeland. They came very close to achieve change when they ousted al-Bashir, but there is still much to be done. Change cannot come without reconciling with the past. For this, it is absolutely mandatory that al-Bashir and his conspirators be tried for the genocide in Darfur. Without accountability, there can be no justice. Without accountability, the violence in Sudan and Darfur will only continue.

This is why we appeal to you to stand with us – to defend the rights of the people of Darfur.

To “Stand With Darfur” means to support the people of Darfur in their quest for Freedom, Peace, and, most importantly, Justice.

Who is Wanted for Crimes in Darfur?

Omar Al Bashir, former president of Sudan

First arrest warrant issued 4 March 2009, Second arrest warrant issued 12 July 2010

WANTED FOR: 5 counts of crimes against humanity, two counts of war crimes, three counts of genocide 

Despite the warrant of arrest, Bashir remains an internationally known fugitive





Ahmad Muhammad Harun (Ahmed Harun) and Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman (Ali Kushayb)

Arrest warrants issued 27 April 2007

Ahmed Harun was Minister of State for the Interior, ran the “Darfur Security Desk” and coordinated the entities involved in Darfur (police, armed forces, national security and intelligence service, and Janjaweed) 

WANTED FOR: 20 counts of crimes against humanity, 22 counts of war crimes





Ali Kushayb was the leader of the Janjaweed, implemented government counter-insurgency

WANTED FOR: 22 counts of crimes against humanity and 28 counts of war crimes

Both are still at large.





Abdel Raheem Muhammad Hussein (Hussein) 

Arrest warrant issued 1 March 2012; still at large 

Hussein was Minister of National Defense and the former Minister of the Interior and Special Representative of the President in Darfur. He coordinated national, state and local security entities through the recruitment, arming, and funding of forces. 

WANTED FOR: 7 counts of crimes against humanity, 6 counts of war crimes

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What you can do to help our campaign succeed:

  • If you are US-based: Send our letter to your representative in Congress and your senators (US-based).

  • If you are US-based: Send our letter to the top Trump administration leaders.

  • An NGOs Sign-on Letter to the UNSC members

  • If you are EU or Canada-based: Send our letter to the Parliamentarians for EU and Canada.

  • Post our letter to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and tag your policymakers, asking for their help.

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