Sudan Needs You! Campaign


Dear (Representative (______)/Senator (______),


My name is (____), and I am from (state of ____).


I am writing to bring to your attention the urgent situation in Sudan and ask for your help to speak up for the suffering people of Sudan. Until today, over 95% of Darfur has fallen under Rapid Support Forces (RSF) control, and there is no more barricade in front of their slaughter and extermination of the indigenous African population. This is why I am appealing to you for help and support.

The war in Sudan that ignited on April 15th, 2023 is now completely out of control. While the atrocities in Khartoum constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity under the international law, in Darfur, an active genocide has been systematically carried out against indigenous African people. The international community must take action to end it and hold those responsible accountable. 

As of this week, Darfur has completely fallen under the RSF occupation – with the exception of Elfasher in North Darfur. In recent weeks, mass killings have escalated to an alarming rate, and with its scale enlarging: first in El Geneina, West Darfur, and now in Ardamta Kutum, Tawila in North Darfur, Mornay in West Darfur, and Nyala in South Darfur. But the international community remained silent and the inaction is indirectly legitimizing the slaughter and extermination of the indigenous African population in Sudan. The only city that has yet to be attacked is El-Daein, the capital of East Darfur state and the stronghold of Rezaigat tribes. However, the military in El-Daein has declared its full support and affiliation to the RSF and now civilians are facing new waves of attacks  

The RSF’s attacks are systemic and precisely directed toward the indigenous African population. These attacks include mass slaughtering of innocent people, deprivation of access to food, water, and medical assistance, a blockade to the access of phone services, internet, electricity, and other services. These actions constitute a precise strategy to isolate civilians and to eliminate all survival means and humanitarian aid. News confirmed that over 1,300 civilians have been slaughtered; among the murdered were over 800 young men, most of whom were between the ages of 15-30. Since the beginning of the war, it is estimated that more than 1.2 million people have fled from their homes. Most of them are women and children, with approximately 1 in 6 of whom are with disabilities. Women of all ages are in terrible danger as they are targeted constantly to be treated as sexual slaves and raped on a daily basis. 

Here are the immediate actions that need to be taken by the US: 

I implore you to call on the  US government to also take an Atrocities Prevention Approach. In the face of genocide and the current unspeakable atrocities, solutions must take an atrocity prevention approach that starts with civilian protection and distribution of humanitarian aid. This should be followed by pursuing accountability for the most heinous international crimes, which will then create an environment that enables a peaceful transformation of Sudan.


As my state representative I look up to you for support and voice. Silence and lack of reporting will aid the perpetrators. Remember, as humans, we have a moral and ethical obligation to speak up when acts of genocide occur.

Under international law when civilians are under attack, face mass killings, and are in the absence of humanitarian assistance, the international community, including the US, bears the responsibility to intervene to protect civilians and save lives. In the face of devastating crises in Sudan and the rapidly escalating genocidal attacks in Darfur, we must not let US leaders look the other way. The crisis in Sudan and the catastrophe in Darfur are of global magnitude which requires global response that includes the demand that US government must act as one voice to help end this genocide and hold perpetrators accountable.


It is imperative that the US stands with the people of Darfur and Sudan in this difficult time and work with allies to bring protection and accountability to the victims of the crisis, to be followed by peace and a civilian-led government. This is the only way to prevent genocide and bring about democracy and sustainable peace. As a member of your constituency, I look up to you and kindly urge you to be my voice and the voice for those voiceless in Darfur by supporting these immediate actions. 


Thank you for your serious consideration of this urgent request.