Giving Tuesday: An Opportunity to give a gift that can make a difference

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To our beloved DWAG community,

On this Giving Tuesday, we are reaching out to you for urgent messages about the situation in Darfur and seeking your help with life saving donations!

As of this past week, Darfur has completely fallen under the genocidal militias – Rapid Support Force (RSF)’s control – with the exception of Elfasher city, in North Darfur – which is also currently on the brink of collapse. In recent weeks, mass killing has escalated to an alarming rate but the world remained silent. This is why we are appealing to you for help to make our voices louder in demanding an action.

We at DWAG have been organizing around the clock, speaking up, reaching out to policy makers, documenting atrocities, and providing the limited emergency response that we can. In spite of the daunting challenges, we continue to bring attention to the dire humanitarian and security situation and demand that the international community take steps to protect civilians in Darfur and to pursue accountability for those responsible.   

Our mission is strong but our resources are limited. That is why we would like to give you the opportunity during this giving Tuseday to join our life saving effort and to help us fight for protection, peace, and justice for the victims of genocide in Darfur.  

We urge you to please donate to DWAG through or other organizations providing support to the local level emergency response initiatives in Sudan. Other ways to help: you can also download the template of “Letter To The Congress” from our website at and send it to your representatives and call their offices to ask that they be the voice for the people of Sudan in ending the genocide and holding perpetrators accountable.

Support our campaign Sudan Needs You! and share it via your social media platform. 

The crises in Sudan and the catastrophe in Darfur are of global magnitude which requires global action, but if we can speak in one voice and demand and donate to change, we can end genocide and hold perpetrators accountable.

With our collective effort we can make a difference, and today, of all days, is the opportunity to do so!

With Gratitude!

Niemat Ahmadi 

DWAG President and DWAG Team