Ten people died and at least 20 others injured when a passenger bus collided with another vehicle between Kass and Nyala in South Darfur on Tuesday. One other vehicle was involved, and reports say the bus driver was speeding.

Several witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the accident occurred in the area of Marya Jenge south of Kass. “The driver was going much too fast. Ten people were killed outright in the crash, while at least 20 more suffered injuries including severe fractures. which led to the instant death of ten people including a number of university students injury of 20 passengers with varying fractures. Witnesses confirmed that the injured were taken to Kass and Nyala hospitals.

The names of the know dead so far include Mohamed Ishag, Fuad Mohamed Ahmed, Ezeldin Ibrahim, Karameldin Adam, Abdelgadir Abdelrahman, Abubaker Suleiman Mohamed, and Ahmed Osman.

Passenger busses in Darfur are often overloaded, and drivers are tempted to speed to avoid being intercepted by bandits. On Saturday, a man was killed, three others wounded, and seven people are missing after a shootout during an armed robbery on a passenger bus on the road between El Radoom and Gireida localities in South Darfur.