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Hundreds of detainees still not released in Sudan

The Committee of Solidarity with the Victims of the September Demonstrations has confirmed the presence of a large number of political detainees still...

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Mother dead, child loses legs in Jebel Marra RPG blast

A woman was killed and a child lost both of his legs in the blast from a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG)* – part of a barrage fired from the headqua...

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More fires in Darfur camps: Dozens of homes destroyed

Three separate fires on Sunday and Monday caused the destruction of dozens of houses in two camps for displaced people and a cotton production site in...

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Six dead, many injured in Darfur violence

hree people were killed and six others were seriously wounded in two separate incidents in Dimsu of South Darfur. In the first incident, the commis...

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Three die of ‘watery diarrhoea’, 30+ new cases in Central Darfur

Two people died of ‘watery diarrhoea’, suspected to be cholera, in Central Darfur's Jebel Marra over the weekend. 29 new cases were recorded. The ...

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