DWAG Stands in Solidarity with Ukraine

Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG) writes to express concern about the unjust Russian invasion of Ukraine and to extend solidarity and support to Ukrainians. We believe that Ukrainians have the right to live in peace. The attack on Ukraine is an early warning sign for genocide and mass atrocities that the international community must take seriously. 

In particular, we stand in solidarity with Ukrainian women and children who will bear the harshest effects of the war. The devastating effects of this war are creating the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe in recent history. Women and children are needing basic necessities and as many as 500,000 innocent people are dispersing to neighboring countries such as Hungary, Poland, Moldova, and Slovakia. According to the United Nations, this refugee crisis is likely to lead to 5 million people displaced. DWAG calls on the international community to use an effective approach and urge parties to deescalate the crises, uphold human rights, and respect all international humanitarian laws. 

We equally urge the neighboring countries to welcome Ukrainian refugees, particularly women and children, and to stand in solidarity with all Ukrainians who are suffering. We also urge them to provide protection for both Ukrainians and foreign citizens in Ukraine who have been forced to leave their homes. We ask our supporters to speak up for and stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and call for a peaceful resolution of the situation. It’s imperative to remind Russia that any dispute between nations must not take the form of military intervention or the use of force, but rather the use of negotiation and existing peaceful mechanisms. 

You can also use hashtags such as #solidarity4Ukraine to speak up for the women of Ukraine and all those who are suffering.