War Criminals Gone Wild!

So Ahmed Haroun, wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur was appointed to Governor of South Kordofan by the President of Sudan, Omar Bashir, who is also wanted for the same crimes, go figure! Well guess what? Ahmed is back to what he does best, killing and burning. This time in South Kordofan, and between ordering airstrikes against unarmed civilian populations and the most recent event, in which 33 women and 1 man was detained for allegedly supporting the Sudan People Liberation Movement-North, Ahmed has been a busy war criminal.

While the Government of Sudan continues an ever widening path of usurping the people of Sudan, their actions indicate what is in their hearts and any path to peace can only be viable when the intention is clearly sincere. Sadly, the only thing that remains clear is that war criminals are running wild and with total impunity in Sudan.

Names of the prisoners

The names of the 34 detainees, according to sources, are: Alradiyah Suleiman Teyyah (a basic school teacher); Amal Abdul-Fadeel Alnur (tax inspector); Afaf Madeni Nasser (from Alsabur village); Medani Nasser (the father of Afaf, from Alsabur village); Hawa Kabbara Musaid; Maha Ali; RabhaKaila (housewife); Magda Mubarak; Amal Abdel Gader (from the ministry of finance); Fatima Subahi; Mawedda Mawafy; Saia Hussein; Aisha Hussein; Fatima Makki; Sumeiyya Mirghani; Ihsan Ibrahim; Fathia Abdul Muttalib (from the ministry of health); Rasail Murad; Ahlam Abdelgader; Alyaa Musa; Zainab Musa; Amna Yusuf; Um Hussein Abu Zeid; Tayseer Abdelgader; Samya Zarrouk; Khadija Mohammed Badr (a university graduate); Aisha Humaidan; Fatima Mohamed Ali; Nazik Bashir; Heba Abdel Rahman; Riwaya Moussa; Asmahan Ramadan Makki (a medical laboratory technician); Wijdan Abraham (a broadcasting employee); and Najat Ibrahim.

SOURCE: RadioDabanga.org