Violence Continues in Darfur Under the al- Bashir Regime – Violent attacks update Oct. – Nov 2018

From Mid October 2018 through early December 2018, there have been over 40 violent incidents against the Darfuri people in Sudan. 40 people have been killed while 91 have been injured or made into victims of rape, robbery, or property destruction. Government backed militias and the government forces were the main perpetrators of violence against Darfuris. The overwhelming majority of the victims are women and children.


On the week of November 10, sixteen villages in Jabe Marra have been completely destroyed and burn to the ground,  leaving over 50,000 people without homes or any survival means


The Sudanese military forces have used excessive violence against Darfuris. On November 15, two children were killed in a shelling by the Sudanese Armed Forces near East Jeble Marra, South Darfur. In another separate incident, the Sudanese Air Force killed a displaced woman as they bombed her village located in Central Darfur


In most instances, there are multiple attacks in one day. In one incident, on October 4, four armed herdsmen trespassed with their cattle on a farm being attended by two women. The women went out to drive the cattle off their property, however the herders confronted them and shot them. The two women were seriously injured and taken to receive medical treatment. The very same day, another report came in of a man who was gunned down by armed herdsmen. The herdsmen killed Salim Ahmed in cold blood before stealing his camel. They then fled the scene with Ahmed’s property, leaving Ahmed dead.


These acts of violence are not random or isolated incidents. These are a part of the well-orchestrated and systematic genocidal attacks by regime in Khartoum against the people of Darfur that has been going on for more than fifteen years. The victims are consistently unarmed civilians who are farmers, merchants, students or professionals merely trying to earn their daily living. Its president al-Bashir policy of indifference and aggression intended to exterminate the people of Darfur and to take over their lands. Prior to this DWAG have documented over 200 violent attacks during the first half of 2018 with similar trends.


While the government of Sudan perpetrates these heinous crimes, the international community’s response is deafening silence. For this reason, President al-Bashir has been emboldened and continues to perpetrate these horrific crimes with impunity.


Today there are over 4 million genocide victims who have been driven out of their homes and have yet to return home for fear that their lands have been confiscated. Over half a million people have been killed and justice has yet to be achieved for them. Countless women and girls have been raped and are still struggling without any trauma counseling or psycho-social support.


President al-Bashir is the only sitting head of state wanted for the some of the world’s most serious crimes, but he is yet to be held accountable. Therefore, we at DWAG refused to be silent or let al-Bashir get away with murder. We must continue to speak, expose the crimes and demand our leaders and our international institution fulfil their responsibilities and make it clear to President al-Bashif that impunity for genocide is not an option. Without proper justice, accountability and genuine peace, the crimes in Darfur and Sudan will not be resolved sustainably.


We call on the US government to demand that al-Bashir must cease attacks on civilians, and all violation of rights in Darfur and across the Sudan. We call on the US to impose targeted sanctions, assets freezing, and travel ban on Sudanese officials responsible of committing crimes in Darfur and across Sudan. The United nations Security Council members, like the United States, have an obligation to protect civilians and pursue justice for the victims in Sudan. Without proper justice and accountability, the crisis in Darfur and Sudan will not be resolved and a sustainable peace will not be attained.