UNAMID Withdrawal from Darfur and the Future of Darfuris


As the situation in Darfur remain dire, attacks on civilians have not been halted and millions remain in camps. The United Nations/African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) has decided to withdraw from the region, adding another load of fear and uncertainty to the plight of Darfuris. On December 19, the Sudanese Parliament urged the international community to support them and stressed the significance of communicating with the United Nations in a spirit of negotiation and agreement to end the mission of the joint peacekeeping forces in Darfur (UNAMID).

The joint meeting of the National Committee to facilitate UNAMID’s exit with UNAMID and the UN country team was held in Khartoum. The meeting discussed government plans and visions to support the alleged stability in Darfur, the transition from humanitarian work to reconstruction and development, background of current phase requirements and arrangements related to the implementation of UNAMID exit strategy.

Further, according to Radio Dabanga, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated the meeting reviewed the roadmap proposed by the UN country team in Sudan and a 5 + 5 committee was agreed to include representatives from the government, the United Nations and UNAMID to follow up the exit process and address any challenges that may arise in implementation.

The decision of the government of Khartoum to end UNAMID mission in the region means not only they disregard its existence, but they also deny the necessity of protecting the vulnerable victims of al-Bashir’s attack in IDPs camps and resolving the conflict between the concerned parties.

If the UN falls for the bait and decide the complete removal of UNAMID forces in the region, Darfuris will be left to face a serious risk in which perpetual violence and killings will continue to impend over the region.

The united nations have already failed the people of Darfur for not holding Sudan accountable or resolving the crises and now with UNAMID’s withdrawal, it will give the government of Sudan a free pass to commit more crimes with impunity and no one to witness.