Sudan Needs You Campaign Appeal

Sudan Needs You!

Darfur Needs You Now More than Ever Before. Speak up!


Darfur’s catastrophe has been ongoing for over 23 years, and the number of civilian casualties increases every day while the world remains silent.


Dear DWAG Supporters,


Over 95% of Darfur has fallen Under Rapid Support Forces Control – Legitimizing the Slaughter and Extermination of Indigenous African Population and that is why we are appealing to you for help.

On April 15th, 2023 two generals started a devastating war in Sudan’s capital over a power struggle for control of the country. The war has quickly spread across Sudan, throwing the entire country into a state of collapse. The warring militias have created unspeakable suffering for the Sudanese people. Death and destruction encapsulate Sudan, particularly in the capital Khartoum where government (SAF) shelling, air bombardment, and machine gun attacks have targeted civilians’ homes, markets, bridges, and evacuation routes. The attacks also targeted basic services including hospitals, electric sources, and water sources. Similar counter attacks and violations were committed by the RSF. Additionally, Janjaweed fighters have occupied civilians’ homes, are expelling the owners, and are attacking or torturing those who refuse to leave. Credible sources have confirmed that rape, sexual, and gender-based violence have been committed against women and girls including abductions and sexual slavery in both Khartoum and during the attacks in Darfur by RSF fighters. On the ground, sources confirmed that an undetermined number of women have been taken away and have yet to be freed to this date. The atrocities committed in Khartoum alone possibly constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity, punishable under international law, and the international community must take action to end it and hold those responsible accountable.


The Ethnically Targeted attacks and Extermination of Indigenous African in Darfur

The situation in the Darfur region has escalated at an alarming scale. The nature of the attacks in Darfur are different than in Khartoum. In Darfur the attacks are systemic and precisely directed toward the indigenous African population. Through slaughter, deprivation of access to food, water, medical assistance and by restricting transportation of those in need of urgent medical attention, the RSF have begun to carry out a genocide in Darfur. By blocking access to phone services, internet, electric and other services, the RSF has isolated civilians inside cities to eliminate survival means and deprive civilians of connection and aid. The RSF have also forced the remaining population into a massive exodus. These genocidal tactics have been deliberately used and witnessed in El Geneina, West Darfur’s Kutum City and Tawila City in North Darfur, Mornay, West Darfur. Many more cities have been attacked and completely isolated from the outside world while the RSF forces are moving swiftly through the Darfur region while spreading recorded video messages confirming their intent to destroy and kill more people. Citing their intend by stating that “liberating the land from “Abeed” an Arabic – word for slaves.

Many of us in the diaspora were forced to watch our families and friends being killed, their bodies being degraded, dragged with racial slurs, and circulated online while those who survived were terrified and escorted out of their homeland in an unprecedented humiliating and inhumane act of exodus and expulsion of dignified people by the powerful from the only place they have ever known as home. We had hoped to never to see such atrocities committed while the entire world watches and does very little to halt it.


The danger of Darfur being out of the realm of government, fully controlled by  Rapid Support Forces.

More 95% of the greater Darfur region is currently in complete anarchy or out of the realm of government involvement, with lack of any control over its borders. Today, in a region the size of France, only two cities remain partially controlled by the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) while the RSF control the other portion of the cities with attacks and occupation of people’s homes and preventing civilians’ movement within and out of the cities.

In mid-June, about seven Shiekh “leaders of civil administration” from 7 Arabs tribes have publicly declared their full support to RSF and urge their youth and men to mobilize to support the RSF in its genocidal attacks and control over Darfur and Sudan.

The only city that has yet to be attacked is El-Daein, the capital of East Darfur state, stronghold of Rezaigat tribes now it has just declared its full support and affiliation to Rapid Support forces, occupied mainly by majority of the tribe affiliated with RSF-Janjaweeds. Sadly, this means now Rapid Support forces has control over the 5 states of Darfur states with exception of Al Fashir and Nyala Cities- This is the most institutionalized genocide while our world leaders are silently watching or limited to a few words of condemnation.

We at DWAG Said No to the silent conspiracy against the ongoing and escalated genocide in Darfur. And that is why we need you to add your voice to ours to compel them to take concerted action to stop the genocide and save lives.


Attack in El Geneina

The horrifying massacre and massive exodus of indigenous Africans in El Geneina and the brutal slaughter of the West Darfur governor, Khamis Abakar, by the RSF, should have shocked the world’s consciousness and prompted a rapid response by international communities. Sadly, our leaders including the United States government have limited their action to statements of condemnation while civilians are massacred in an unprecedented mass slaughter.

As evident by the attacks in El Geneina, the RSF and Janjaweed are actively repeating the 2003 Darfur genocide. However, the current situation is worse than 2003 due to the limited ability to deliver humanitarian aid. El Geneina has experienced more than seven additional attacks after the original seven-week siege where thousands of troops stormed the city, targeting the majority of Masalit tribes and occupied neighborhoods, killing over 230 civilians in one day during the first attack.  In a report confirmed by CNN, “more than 5,000 people were reported to have been killed and at least 8,000 injured.”

All the attacks started with RSF forces looting food stores which included the World Food Program and other aid agencies and storage warehouses. Subsequently forces burned the markets, destroyed the hospitals and all clinics, looted, and burned pharmacies, and poisoned most of the main water sources. As confirmed by sources on the ground, this was all done with the deliberate intent of eliminating all means of survival. This occurred while the military SAF stayed in the army garrisons leaving civilians to fend for themselves. A small number of armed opposition troops belonging to Juba peace actors intervened, but they were under equipped and, lacking adequate ammunition to protect civilians, they were quickly overridden by the RAF’s large troops’ advanced weapons including heavy machine guns. This resulted in the Juba forces being slaughtered within the first hour of the attack.

Over 250,000 Darfuris have fled to Chad, but it has been reported that over 50,000 people were forced to remain hostage against their will and prevented from fleeing for safety. While desperately attempting to flee for their lives, many who ventured out were shot and killed instantly. While still under attack, most remaining hostages in El Geneina were dependent on one water source where people lined up for days to get a small amount for their families. Sources confirmed that children were given one cup of water in the morning and another in the evening, barely enough to survive during the course of the month of forced lockdown in El Geneina. This situation in El Geneina is beyond dehumanization and has affected the entire population of the state of West Darfur.


The Presence of Multinational Troops in Darfur

Today the dangerous reality of the Darfur situation is that the RSF has proven to be a multi-national militia. While the majority of its troops are from Sudan, many more are descending from west and central African countries, including Arab militias from the Republic of Mali, Niger, Central African Republic, and Libya respectively. Some foreign Militias have previously integrated, and many more have recently crossed the borders to support RSF fighters. The introduction of cross-border uncontrolled troops roaming across six nations alone proves to be a dangerous trend, with the region’s history of terrorist activities from Sudan to Mali and, if left unchecked, it will create ISIS, al-Qaida Army-like forces of regional extremists, fueling crises that both international and regional actors will be forced to respond to – but it will be too late to contain then.

We urge you to speak up and demand an intervention that can stop the genocide in Darfur and prevent Sudan from disintegration.


Allegation of RSF connection to Russian Mercenary – Wagner Group

Credible allegations confirmed that the RSF has grown its regional and international ambitions and has since then developed a close relationship with the dangerous Russian Mercenary – Wagner Group. Earlier reports to CNN by Sudanese and regional diplomatic sources confirmed that The Wagner Group has been supplying the RSF with missiles to aid its fight against the country’s army. All these regional, international dimensions of the RSF and the current genocidal attacks with the current imposed isolation and humanitarian catastrophe have promoted us and 40 other Darfur organization to call for Darfur to be place under international trusteeship pursuant to article 77 of the UNSC charter to protect millions  of Darfur population current left to be killed and abused by Rapid Support forces with no government presence

The people of Darfur have suffered over 20 plus years of genocidal attacks. Three million people, who have been displaced over the years, continue to be attacked and displaced. Their attackers have yet to be apprehended or held accountable. They are again under unprecedented systemic attacks with a deliberate policy of extermination of a predetermined segment of the population. The situation in Darfur today is worse than it was in 2003. The traditional methods used by Darfuris as a foundation of survival have been completely removed. While the Janjaweed militias used in 2003 were on horses and camelback, they have now become more sophisticated, with advanced weapons, considerable military and financial support from multiple regional and international actors – making chances for survival for many civilians unattainable. Regional supply of troops from various countries equally makes control or solution at the national level impossible.


Please speak up and demand protection of civilians in Darfur a top priority for the US government and UNSC


Action to be Taken. Sudan needs an Atrocities Prevention approach

In the face of genocide and the current unspeakable atrocities being committed, solutions must take an atrocity prevention approach that starts with civilians’ protection and distribution of humanitarian aid. This should be followed by accountability for the most serious international crimes which will then create an environment that enables peace and transformation of Sudan.

Therefore, we need your help to add your voices to ours to call on the US government and the members states of the security Council to take the following steps:

  • Robust intervention to protect civilians and to stop the genocide unfolding in Darfur.
  • Open an unhindered humanitarian’s access in Sudan and Darfur in particular to reach all in need.
  • Pursuing accountability for those most responsible of past and current genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Darfur and across the Sudan.
  • Impose targeted sanctions against individuals with assets freezing, travel ban and sanctioning all the business associated with the two warring generals in Sudan to cut the funding for devastating weapons.
  • Deploy immediate humanitarian intervention to all in need inside Sudan and in the neighboring countries.
  • Holding the regional enablers of the genocide in Darfur accountable including regional and international actors supplying fund and weapon to RSF- Janjaweed Militias
  • Provide support of the CSOs and women from historically marginalized Sudanese to have voice at all levels of decision making regarding solutions to the current crises.

Under international law when civilians are under attack, facing mass killing and deprivation of humanitarian assistance, the international community including the US and UNSC bear the responsibility to intervene to protect civilians and save lives.

In the face of a devastating crises in Sudan, the rapidly escalating genocidal attack in Darfur we must not let our leaders look the other way.

Other ways to help: Send a letter here to your representative and call his/her office to ask that he/she be the voice for the people of Sudan and demand US leadership steps up to help end genocide and hold perpetrators accountable.

Donate to DWAG here or donate to other organizations providing support to the local level emergency response initiatives in Sudan.

Support our campaign and share it via your social media platforms.

The crises in Sudan and the catastrophe in Darfur are of global magnitude which require global action, but if we can speak in one voice and demand our government to work for an end, we can hold perpetrators accountable.

With our collective effort we can make a difference.