Sisters Of Sudan In Headlines

Throughout this past year, the women of Darfur have suffered a continuous onslaught of rape, assault and other forms of abuse. The sad truth is that after years of ongoing tragedy, the people of Sudan are still venerable to total impunity and a lack of accountability within the judicial system. While the following headlines can only scrape the surface of the events the people of Darfur have seen this year, they are a snapshot portraying some of the things women have faced.

During these 16 Days of Activism on Violence Against Women let us take a little time to review the year our sisters in Sudan have faced and dig in deeper to see that next year will, at the very least, see less horrific headlines.

In Solidarity!

Woman raped east of Zalingei

January 12, 2012… for treatment. The source complained that displaced women living in insecure camps regularly suffer from repeated attacks when … to stop the violence and rape of already vulnerable women. (armed men, rape, zalingei) … Full story

Nine women raped by Abu Tira forces

February 9, 2012… (rape, southern refugees, women) … Full story

Evening news 10 February

February 10, 2012… 9 of the rapewomen in Alleit Jarallenby by elements of the forces and supported local … 425 (9 of the rape women in Alleit Jarallenby by elements of the forces and supported local … Full story

Woman raped in front of son in South Darfur

March 7, 2012… (appeals, camps, darfur, international women’s day, rape) … Full story

Two women killed in armed robbery

March 21, 2012… (armed, killed, robbery, women) … Full story

Woman stoned to death for trying to protect daughter

March 25, 2012… (gunmen, rape, women) … Full story

Two women from Armenkol camp raped by militia

April 8, 2012 Sirba, Western Darfur … Full story

Women from camp Bear Dagig raped by gunmen

April 10, 2012 Sirba, Western Darfur … Full story

Women call for end to systematic rape in Darfur

April 16, 2012 (darfur, systematic rape, women) … Full story

8 displaced women raped in South Darfur, eastern Chad camps

April 19, 2012… (Dereig, eastern Chad, rape, women) … Full story

Three militants rape woman in El Geneina

May 29, 2012… El Geneina (El Geneina, gunmen, rape) … Full story

Two displaced women raped by armed militiamen outside Kassab camp

June 22, 2012… 2012-06-22 22:31 Two displaced women from Kassab camp, near Kutum in North Darfur, were raped on Wednesday by … from the camp told Radio Dabanga that three IDP women came out of the camp on Wednesday to fetch firewood. They were then … Full story

Three women raped close to IDP camp Kindibe, West Darfur

July 1, 2012… Sun, 2012-07-01 20:34 Three women were attacked by four armed men on Saturday morning in the valley Ardeba … of Sirba, West Darfur, a witness told Radio Dabanga. The women, from the IDP camp of Kindibe, were attacked and kidnapped by a group of … Full story

Horsemen kill man and rape three women in North Darfur

July 9, 2012… and camelback. The group of five men three women were fired on by the gunmen leaving Issa dead and leading to the rape of three women. The source said they informed the police in Kabkabiya but they failed to … Full story

UN Darfur mission fears revenge attack on Hamadiya Camp

July 11, 2012… Border Guards arrested nineteen (19), raped three (3) women and injured four (4) during an attack on a camp for displaced people in … Full story

Gunmen rape 8 women in West Darfur

July 17, 2012… 20:54 The men abducted the women after threatening them at gunpoint and took them to one of the … Full story

Evening news 18 July

July 18, 2012… 19:30 Gunmen rape 8 women in West Darfur Wed, … Full story

More than 20 women and girls raped at Kassab camp

August 22, 2012… looting, North Darfur, President of the Federation of Women, pro-government militia, rape) … Full story

Two abducted women from Mornei released

August 27, 2012… (abducted women released, gunmen on horses, Mornei IDP camp, two women abducted) … Full story

Kassab camp resident raped

September 3, 2012… 21:02 (four displaced women attacked while collecting wood, Kassab Camp, rape) … Full story

Kutum area: 4 women raped and 4 injured

September 12, 2012… (Abu Tira, Adam Saleh Abaker, assault, displaced women, Kassab, Kutum, rape, SLM, SRF, UNAMID) … Full story

Gunmen rape 15 year old girl

September 23, 2012… (15 year old girl, four displaced women attacked while collecting wood, four women attacked, pro-government militia, rape, Zalingei rape) … Full story

Daily gunmen assaults in Bilel

October 2, 2012… east of Nyala, gunmen, gunmen on camels and horses, women targeted) … Full story

Attacks against women rise in Hamidiya

October 5, 2012… (attacks against women rise in hamidiya, rape) … Full story

Two women raped in East Jebel Marra

October 5, 2012… (government troops, pro-government militia, water well, women raped in east jebel marra) … Full story

Two women raped in El Geneina

October 13, 2011… Eight women raped by armed militia Four women narrowly escape rape in Mershing, S. Dafur … Full story

CRF element rapes 3-year-old girl

October 14, 2012… Sun, 2012-10-14 23:24 (3 year old girl raped, Abu Tira, Abu Tira element, armed gunmen, CRF, rape, young girl raped) … Full story

Armed group rapes two women

October 31, 2012… Wed, 2012-10-31 23:54 (2 women raped, increase in rape cases, militants rape women, Saraf Omra, wood collecting) … Full story

Pro-government gunmen ambush women in Mershing

November 7, 2012… (attempt to rape, four displaced women attacked while collecting wood, women ambushed by pro-government gunmen in Mershing) … Full story

Women questioned for supporting SPLM-N

November 12, 2012… Tue, 2012-11-13 01:50 (Women questioned for supporting SPLM-N) … Full story

33 women detained for alleged SPLM-N support

November 15, 2012… Thu, 2012-11-15 22:32 (33 women detained for alleged SPLM-N support, 34 detainees) … Full story

Armed group reportedly rapes displaced women

November 25, 2012… (Armed group reportedly rapes displaced women) … Full story