Rally on April 25, 2014 in Washington DC – To mark the Global Day for Action against Genocide in Darfur. The Sudanese diaspora


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Rally on April 25, 2014 in Washington DC – To mark the Global Day for Action against Genocide in Darfur.

The Sudanese diaspora, along with other human rights groups, demand action to end the ongoing and escalating genocide in Darfur.

Washington, DC—The Sudanese diaspora and human rights groups will gather for a rally in Washington DC to express concerns and demand an urgent action to end the ongoing and recently escalating genocidal attacks in Darfur. This week Sudanese activists from all over the world will hold events, rallies, protests, and forums to raise awareness of the ongoing and escalating genocide in Darfur. The events, begun earlier in South Dakota, will conclude on Friday, April 25th in Washington DC and on April 26th in Toronto Canada. Other events will continue throughout May to draw the world’s attention to the rising violence in Darfur. Please join the Darfur Women Action Group and the Marginalized Sudanese Forum of North America on the sidewalk in front of the White House from noon-2pm for a protest on April 25th.

Since late February, Darfur has witnessed a new wave of bloody attacks, mass killings, rape, and displacement of thousands as the government-sponsored Janjaweed militias ignited a new surge of violence in Darfur. There have been more reports of intensified aerial bombings by the Sudanese government, particularly in eastern Jebel Marra and other areas in North Darfur, resulting in mass displacement. Recent UN reports indicate that the number of displaced people at the beginning of 2014 was around 215,000; however, many aid agencies have been barred from reaching communities in need, so this is a low estimate.

The Sudanese government has been accused of carrying out these mass atrocities. Its President, Omar al-Bashir, stands accused by the world of the most heinous crimes – genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Despite the two warrants for his arrest by the UN International Criminal Court, Bashir remains at large as a fugitive of justice who continues to commit crimes and is free to travel and participate in international and regional forums. Many of the world’s leaders have remained silent in light of the recent violence in Darfur.

We are demanding that the Obama administration vigorously lead the UN Security Council to ensure the following demands are met: Investigation into crimes committed in Darfur, investigation into UNAMID’s ineffectiveness and the cover-up of Al- Bashir’s crimes and lack of adequate reporting. We also demand pressure for unimpeded humanitarian access and accountability for al-Bashir and his sponsored Janjaweed militatias along with support for the ICC to bring the criminals to justice. In addition, we demand pressure on UNHCR and other UN forces and agencies to provide protection and assistance needed to the Darfuri refuges in South Sudan, Chad and other countries where they remain vulnerable to attacks by multiple actors. On April

25th, people around the world will stand together with the people of Darfur to raise awareness of the ongoing violence in Darfur. Witnesses from the diaspora community will be available for interviews For more information about events in your area and how you can get involved please visit www.darfurwomenactiongroup.org . If unable to attend, please send a message of solidarity to info@darfurwomenaction.org