About Stars for Darfur

Stars for Darfur is a worldwide campaign to rally global voices working towards women’s rights, civil liberties and social equality to support our efforts and contribute to the restoration of dignity for genocide survivors and victims in Darfur. This project focuses on the engagement of our communities and features prominent individuals to commemorate those affected by the violence.

Following the success of our virtual 2020 Stars for Darfur Event, Darfur Women Action Group announced the decision to extend the Stars for Darfur campaign. The invitation to be a part of the movement is ongoing to any and all supporters. We encourage movement builders to reach out to friends, family, and their community to join us as we strive to empower affected communities and achieve meaningful inclusion and justice for victims.

Stars for Darfur - Campaign

Origin Story

The campaign’s inception began in 2010 when Italian musician Antonio Esposito and New York-based pianist, composer, and painter Mark Kostabi took an unprecedented initiative to support women empowerment and genocide victims in Darfur. The urgency to help Darfur refugees was set in motion after an eye-opening visit to Darfur. As a result, Antonio Esposito recorded organized a concert and recorded a CD to raise funds for our partner organization, Italians for Darfur to support education for internally displaced children in Darfur. The next year, Antonio Esposito and Mark Kostabi reached out to Darfur Women Action to become our top supporters.

The concept launched from there as an annual fundraising event to raise awareness of the mass-atrocities that have plagued Darfur for nearly two decades. Since 2012, Darfur Women Action Group has hosted charity concerts with live performances and art auctions with paintings by Mark Kostabi as well as handcrafted pieces made by Sudanese women who are eager to see their pieces invested back into their communities. All proceeds that are raised from the event go directly to aiding in the restoration of justice and an end to violence in Darfur.

Get Involved

Stand in solidarity with us by taking one or more of the following actions:

  1. Add your name to our Stars for Darfur campaign to bring more attention to our cause
  2. Organize an event, performance or share artwork to promote the urgency of the crisis and our organization
  3. Write and make public a letter to policymakers and leaders to demand civilian protections in Sudan
  4. Extend an opportunity to Darfur Women Action Group’s President, Niemat Ahmadi for an interview on your platform to share her experience as a Darfur survivor, stories of other women and how Darfur Women Action Group is working to empower victims and seek justice to enable men, women, and children to restore their dignity
  5. Publish an article in efforts to increase awareness on the Darfur crisis
  6. Speak out on the Darfur genocide and/or Darfur Women Action Group on social media

Join us by sharing one of the graphics on your social media platform. Don’t forget to tag us and tell us about your commitment to reach #JusticeforDarfur.

Featured Supporters

Tony Esposito

Antonio “Tony” Esposito is an Italian singer-songwriter and drummer that catalyzed the campaign. He is a reoccurring featured artist for the annual event.

To view his discography and learn more, click here.

Mark Kostabi

Mark Kostabi is a prominent painter, sculptor and composer. He has donated his artwork to multiple auctions and performed at the Stars for Darfur events.

To view his work and learn more, click here.

Paul Kostabi

Paul Kostabi is an American artist, musician, and music producer. He has continued to support Darfur victims and our efforts through the charity concert.

To view his page and learn more, click here.

More supporters to be added.

The Silent Auction is Open

Place a bid on one of the art pieces and make a donation

The silent art auction features works by Mark Kostabi and other artists that has been donated to DWAG. The artists and craftswomen have contributed their work to support DWAG’s efforts to advance human rights, women’s rights, and justice in Darfur as well as investing positively back into their respective communities around the world.

Past Stars for Darfur Events

For more information, please contact mediarelations@darfurwomenaction.org