In commemoration of the International Day of the Girl, DWAG announced our Girl Empowerment Week. From October 11-18th, 2020, DWAG hosted a variety of events and providing resources for our supporters to participate in support of our cause. Every girl deserves to be safe, supported, and celebrated no matter where they are from or where they are going. Join DWAG’s effort to supporting girl’s education in refugee and IDP camps today.


Our fundraiser — One Girl, One World, One Month Fundraiser — is still live on the DWAG Facebook page. Help Darfur Women Action Group to educate girls in refugee and ID camps. 

60% of children living in camps throughout Darfur do not have access to education or schooling. The schools that already exist group students together and do not cater to their age groups or educational needs.No new schools have been created from the ones that already exist.

Girls deserve better. We can do better.

Donate today and join DWAG’s effort in supporting girls’s education in refugee and ID camps this International Day of the Girl. If we educate one girl, we educate the whole society.


Sudan also needs your help! Civilian protection should be the top priority in attaining lasting peace and stability in Sudan. With your help, DWAG can bring attention to the crisis in Sudan and urge UN leaders to protect Sudanese civilians. SIGN OUR PETITION HERE!


On October 15th, DWAG arranged a virtual discussion from 2:00-3:00 PM EST on Facebook Live. Watch our discussion on girls coping with dire situations and other factors that may be involved with their living standards as well as the current focus of empowerment.

To all our supporters, DWAG would like to extend tremendous gratitude for your support and efforts. Together, we can help fight for the voices of women and victims of genocide.