About the 50/50 Campaign

DWAG is taking a unique approach to genocide prevention and strives to empower and amplify the voices of those affected the most in Darfur. Through the 50/50 campaign we are seeking to build a national network of 50 upstanding citizens who want to make a difference. State representatives are volunteer supporters representing DWAG and working toward advancing DWAG’s mission in their respective states within the US.

Who can join?

This program is open to high school or college students, working or retired adults who want to use their time to do community service, learn about genocide prevention and international issues, or want to gain hands on experience as agents of change.

Our Team

So far, we have reached individuals in California, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Wisconsin. We need representatives in the remaining 41 states to meet our goal of having one representative in every state. If you believe you are an upstanding individual who aspires to be a leader in your community, then you are perfect to join our team!

Get Involved

State representatives are presented with DWAG educational materials and resources to educate other supporters and their own established network about the genocide in Darfur and what they can do to help. Advocacy methods include:

  • Share DWAG educational handouts
  • Organize documentary screenings
  • Share our petitions
  • Rally support for DWAG campaigns
  • Amplify DWAG messages through social media platforms
  • Write letters to elected officials like congresspeople and the president
  • Write letters to the editors
  • Invite other potential volunteers to join
  • Write, update and maintain a blog

State representatives don’t have to spend a lot of time as this is not a full internship, but we encourage them to have time to attend monthly meetings, attend training sessions, and do some social media outreach to bring others to support DWAG’s efforts.

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