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Darfur Women Action Group’s team is proud to announce three major developments in its programming for 2020 onwards:

1. COVID-19 Emergency Response/Advocacy and Outreach teams:
In light of these unprecedented and difficult times, the DWAG Emergency Response team will operate in neighborhoods of the Greater Washington, D.C. area to provide assistance to those in need. A network of volunteers will organize services such as routine check-up calls, safe transportation, errand and grocery delivery, and temporary financial assistance. Focal points in DWAG’s network will also guide those who request medical services or any other information on COVID-19 measures to the appropriate resources. The Emergency Response Team will especially help those who are most vulnerable — including but not limited to the women and children of affected communities.

The Advocacy and Outreach team will liaise with the DWAG network, partners and supporters, and allies within local DC government to bring attention to the unique challenges faced by its constituency. This includes establishing a number of focal points to engage network members to reach out to communities, as well as hosting online events and discussions to share experiences on relevant issues. We are also engaging with local DC government leaders — these include council members, the Office of African Affairs and the Mayor of DC’s COPVID response  task force — and partner organizations in the DC areas to set a foothold for change both during and after the pandemic.

2. DWAG will be reinvigorating the Women Empowering Women (WEW) dialogue circle:
Community discussions, online events, and various expert-led workshops will be held such that participants can receive a plethora of experiences and support. DWAG hopes to expand WEW both in the D.C. area and all across the United States to reach as many women as possible in this trying time.

3. DWAG’s Sudan office is up and running in full capacity:
We have received proper clearances from the Sudanese government and have applied for several projects in Khartoum, across Darfur, in the IDP camps, and in other conflict-affected areas such as South Kordofan and Blue Nile. We are excited to be able to establish projects in Sudan, as well as receive more feedback and information from direct sources on the ground. We look forward to continued engagement with our network of women –especially Darfuri women — all across Sudan.

We will keep our website updated on more details to come throughout the year. In the meantime, please e-mail our contact for questions/feedback: