Darfur Women Action Group is pleased to announce that as of Friday, June 22, 2022, the World Bank signed an agreement with the United Nations World                                                                                          Food Programme to provide $100 million in direct financing to WFP for a new emergency food project. The project is funded by the support of many countries                                                                                under a coordination platform for the World Bank in Sudan. This including the EU, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,                                                                          Netherlands, Norway, Canada, Italy, Finland, Spain, Ireland, and the State and Peacebuilding Fund to the Sudan Transition and Recovery Support Trust Fund (STARS).


The program aims to allocate cash transfers and food to more than two million food insecure beneficiaries in 11 states in Sudan, based on a vulnerability                                                                                                    statement carried out by the WFP, as stated by the Word Bank.


World Bank County Director Ousmane Dione told RadioDabanga, “While funding under agreements signed with the Government of Sudan remains paused,                                                                                        development partners are pleased to provide direct support to the Sudanese people during this critical time. This is in line with our Fragility, Conflict, and                                                                                              Violence Strategy which focuses on protecting the human capital of the most vulnerable groups in times of crisis,” According to recent estimates, 15 million                                                                                  people face food insecurity through the lean season in Sudan, which goes until September. The funds will be directed solely through the WFP to                                                                                                                  strengthen food security response and ensure direct support is given to the most vulnerable populations.


The WFP declared in a recent statement to RadioDabanga, “WFP is currently in a position where we are having to prioritise assistance based on the                                                                                                          resources available, these are always heart wrenching decisions to make, knowing that we cannot help everyone in Sudan who needs it”.


Therefore, DWAG calls upon the international community to rally together to strengthen their support for the WFP in order to provide sufficient resources                                                                                               to those in need in Sudan. The people of Sudan have suffered for too long, and it is time for the international community to ensure they receive the necessary resources.