Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG) is alarmed by the recent carnage in Zalingei, Central Darfur. An attack took place south of the Hameedia camp for internally displaced people (IDP), killing two people and injuring four others.

Last Wednesday, a dispute occurred over a bank payment at the Moreen market, after which the police arrested the supposed debtor. In retaliation, the debtor’s relatives killed the trader and besieged Moreen, looting and burning shops and firing heavily into the air. Two civilians were stabbed and three were shot; all were left with serious wounds, with one dying.

Gunmen subjected the eastern side of the Hameedia IDP camp to heavy gunfire on Thursday, as well as burned three houses in close proximity to government forces stationed there. Even by late Friday, the security situation continued to worsen, with armed men setting nearby farms in Wadi Azum ablaze, destroying water pumps, and stealing cattle and donkey carts. The security situation was dire enough that IDPs were unable to leave the camp to go to work.

As per international law, such gross human rights violations cannot go unpunished, and the international community has a responsibility to protect those vulnerable. Thus, DWAG calls on the Biden Administration and the member states of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to take the following actions to defend the people of Darfur from genocidal violence:

As the world watches national negotiations on restoring the civilian government, it must understand that peace and democracy in Sudan cannot exist as long as civilians in Darfur suffer such brutal attacks and those responsible escape justice for their crimes. Impunity cannot continue to be an option.

We urge our supporters and the public to speak up for the people of Darfur and tell their leaders that silence is fatal. We must stand in solidarity with Darfur and urge the international community to protect civilians and put an end to political and ethnic violence. We must continue to make our voice louder and demand accountability. With our collective effort, we can make a difference and end the suffering across Sudan.