Dear Supporters,

DWAG is pleased to inform you that our collective fight for justice in Darfur has paid off and that we must be encouraged to continue to fight for the remaining suspects to be brought to trial before the ICC. Earlier today, July 9, 2021, the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced that the judges have confirmed all 31 charges against Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman, otherwise known as Ali Kushayb. The Pre-Trial Chamber II judges have determined that Ali Abd-Al-Rahman is unmistakably Ali Kushayb of the janjaweed militia and will be tried as such for his crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Darfur. 

The confirmation of charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity include intentional attacks against civilian populations, murder, pillaging, using rape as a weapon of war, torture, the forcible transfer and the persecution of the people of Darfur. The Office of Public Counsel for Victims (OPCV) will represent 151 victims as they testify against Ali Kushayb. Today’s news demonstrates a great victory for DWAG and for all of our supporters that our fight for justice is starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. However, we must remember that this is only one step toward many millions of steps toward holding the criminals accountable and realizing justice for the victims of the Darfur genocide. DWAG will continue working to empower the victims as they bravely bring his crimes to the international stage for justice.

We must exert more pressure on the interim government of Sudan to expedite the transfer of other Sudanese officials who have been called to face trial in The Hague. The people of Darfur cannot wait any longer for justice as violence and displacement continues to ravage their communities. It is now the time for all of us to come together to speak up and make our voices louder in demanding a comprehensive accountability for all those responsible for crimes committed against the people of Darfur. DWAG urges Prosecutor Karim Khan to continue Prosecutor Bensouda’s efforts to hold the perpetrators of the Darfur genocide accountable and facilitate the immediate transfer of al Bashir, Harun, and Hussein to the ICC. 

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our supporters for always standing in solidarity with survivors and the people of Darfur as we collectively fight for justice. We must continue our fight until the last victim sees justice and all criminals are held accountable. Impunity for war crimes and crimes against humanity and genocide is not an option. We believe that there will not be peace in Darfur and across Sudan without accountability for the past and present crimes. We equally urge you to support our efforts to call on the ICC and state parties to ensure that Darfuri victims are supported, empowered and granted unfettered access to participate in the trial process. 

Read the full ICC press release here.