The United Nations Security Council 

405 East 42nd Street 

New York, NY, 10017 

Sub: Letter – Darfur Must Be Placed Under International Trusteeship 

Your Excellencies of the United Nations Security Council, 

My name is Niemat Ahmadi and I am the President and Founder of Darfur Women Action Group, a non-profit organization founded in 2009 and based in Washington D.C. and Khartoum that empowers, educates, mobilizes, and advocates for female survivors of rape during the ongoing genocide in Darfur. Our D.C. team works with bipartisan leadership to share the stories of Darfur genocide survivors and make sustainable peace and justice in Sudan a US foreign policy priority. On behalf of Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG), I am writing today to urge the US government to work with the UNSC to place Darfur under International Trusteeship due to the genocidal violence occurring in the region. 

Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG) and the undersigned Sudanese Diaspora Civil Society organizations from the US, Europe, Canada, Australian and Africa are writing to express our grave concerns in reference to the recent horrifying development in Darfur, and are calling on the international community to place Darfur under International Trusteeship to save lives and to stop the mass extermination and massive exodus and expulsion of the Darfuri indigenous African civilians from their homeland by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the allied Arab Militias. Our call has not come lightly, but after careful analysis of the situation and factors demonstrating the danger of enabling the RSF in Darfur, it is evident that we need to push for stronger international intervention. 

Possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in Khartoum:

The start of the war between Abdel-Fatah Al-Burhan and Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo erupted over control of power on April 15, 2022. The conflict spread across Sudan quickly and has thrown the entire country into a state of collapse. The warring militias have created unspeakable suffering for the Sudanese people. Death and destruction encapsulate Sudan, particularly in the capital Khartoum where government shelling, air bombardment and machine gun attacks have targeted civilians’ homes, bridges, and evacuation routes. The attacks also targeted basic services including hospitals, electric sources and water sources. Similar counter attacks were administered by the RSF fighters while the militias occupied civilians’ homes, expelling the owners, attacking, and torturing those who refused to leave. Credible sources have confirmed that rape, sexual, and gender-based atrocities have been committed against women and girls in Khartoum and during the attacks in Darfur by RSF fighters. On the ground, sources confirmed that an undetermined number of women have been held hostage to render domestic services, such as cooking, cleaning, and used as sex slaves, as they have been kept under unspeakable unhygienic conditions in Omdurman. These atrocities possibly constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity, punishable under international law, and the international community must take this into account. 

The systemic ethnically targeted attacks in Darfur: 

While the situation in Khartoum is horrifying, the situation in Darfur has escalated on an alarming scale and in indescribable scope. The difference is the nature of the attacks in Darfur. The attacks are systemic and precisely directed toward the indigenous African population. Through slaughter, deprivation of access to food, water, medical assistance and by restricting transportation of those in need of urgent medical attention, the RSF have began to carry out a genocide in Darfur. Blocking access to phone services, Internet, electric and other services is among the strategic tactics the RSF has used in Darfur to deprive civilians of connection and aid, which makes survival nearly impossible. The RSF have also forced the remaining population into a massive exodus. These patterns were deliberately used and witnessed in El Geneina, West Darfur’s Kutum City and Tawila City in North Darfur. Many more cities are expected to see similar violent trends as the RSF forces are moving swiftly through the Darfur region while spreading recorded video messages confirming their intent to destroy and kill more people. 

Darfur is out of the realm of government control and rapidly falling under Rapid Support Forces: 

More than two thirds of the greater Darfur region is currently in complete anarchy or out of the realm of government involvement, with lack of any control over its borders. The RSF is rapidly taking control over cities with the intent to kill everyone. This has been evident by the looting of food and medicine, the destruction of major services, and the blockage of all means of communication where civilians are held hostage, while also depriving them from reaching basic needs or any means of survival. Today, in a region the size of France, only two cities remain partially controlled by the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) while the RSF control the other portion of the cities with attacks and occupation of people’s homes and preventing civilians’ movement within and out of the cities. As of today, El-Genina, Kutum, and Tawila cities have been attacked just within this month and have been completely emptied of their population. This constitutes genocide with the targeted killing of specific groups of people, massive/forced displacement, uprooting the populace from their land, while imposing extremely harsh conditions through intentional starvation, deprivation from medical assistance coupled with harsh, unbearable psychological and physical conditions, even as they flee. 

The only state that has yet to be attacked is El-Daein, stronghold of Rezaigat tribes, mainly the tribe affiliated with RSF. 

Attack in El Geneina: 

The horrifying massacre, mass killing, and massive exodus of indigenous Africans in El Geneina and the brutal slaughter of the West Darfur governor, Khamis Abakar, by the RSF, should have shocked the world’s consciousness and prompted a rapid response by international communities. 

As evident by the attacks in El Geneina, the RSF and Janjaweed are actively repeating the 2003 Darfur genocide. The RSF first invaded El Geneina on April 24, 2023, and put the city under siege for weeks. Since then, El Geneina has experienced more than seven additional attacks where thousands of troops on more than 250 Landcruisers loaded with machine guns stormed the city, targeting the majority of Masalit tribes and occupied neighborhoods, killing over 230 civilians in one day during the first attack. In a report confirmed by CNN, “more than 5,000 people were reported to have been killed and at least 8,000 injured”. All attacks were described as common in scope and context, which started by looting food stores which included the World Food Program and other aid agencies, warehouses, looting and subsequently burning the market, destroying the hospitals and all clinics, looting and burning pharmacies, and poisoning most of the main water sources. As confirmed by sources on the ground, this was all done with the deliberate intent of eliminating all means of survival. This is happening while the military SAF with its full force is confined to its government army garrison, leaving civilians to fend for themselves. A small number of armed opposition troops belonging to Juba peace actors intervened, but they were under equipped and, lacking adequate ammunition to protect civilians, they were quickly overridden by the RSF’s large troops’ advanced weapons including heavy machine guns. This resulted in the Juba forces being slaughtered within the first hour of the attack. 

Many Darfuris have fled to Chad but it has been reported that over 50,000 people were forced to remain hostage against their will for over 30 days. While desperately attempting to flee for their lives, many who ventured out were shot and killed instantly. While still under attack, most remaining hostages in El Geneina were dependent on one water source where people lined up for days to get a small amount for their families. Sources confirmed that children were given one cup of water in the morning and another in the evening, barely enough to survive during the course of the month of forced lockdown in El Geneina. This situation in El Geneina is beyond dehumanization and has affected the entire population of the city. Within the past week, millions of people around the world shockingly watched in disbelief videos of brutal killing and degradation of the dead bodies, while the RSF militia cheered in celebrations of liberating the land from Abeed-Arabic word for slaves. The RSF pronounced that the land will be called the land of Arabs in the now circulating video. Many of us in the diaspora were forced to watch our families and friends being killed, their bodies being degraded, dragged with racial slurs and circulated online while those who survived were terrified and escorted out of their homeland in an unprecedented humiliating and inhumane act of exodus and expulsion of dignified people by the powerful from the only place they have ever known as home. We have never hoped to live to see such atrocities committed within the watch of the entire world – with little to no active response to attempt to halt it. 

Attack in Kutum Town North Darfur

On June 5ththe city of Kutum, North Darfur inhabited by a majority of indigenous Africans was brutally attacked by the RSF with heavy machine guns and heavy artillery. The RSF took over the military garrison in a matter of hours, wreaking havoc across the city, looting food, medicine, and other goods from all the warehouses of businesses and all international non-governmental organizations. They also began burning the market, destroying the hospital, killing over 50 civilians and wounding more than 50 others. They took away civilians’ vehicles, making escape or transport of the wounded impossible – similar to the situation in El Geneina. This invasion forced hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children to flee with no access to humanitarian aid or basic means of survival. Only about 50 families have arrived in El Fasher after weeks of fleeing and many more have been trapped – with no ability to reach safe areas. To date, Kutum has been completely emptied of its population, occupied by SRF and Arabs from neighboring areas. 

Attack in Tawila: 

On June 17th, Tawila City near the capital of North Darfur state was attacked by the RSF during the announced 72 hour ceasefire. Seven people were instantly confirmed to be killed. Attacks continued through the evening of June 18th, with complete cut off of communications capabilities. The actual number of casualties has yet to be reported. Attacks duplicated in similar patterns were seen in El Geneina and Kutum City. Singling out a city occupied by a majority of indigenous Africans, attacks started by: looting food stores, destroying the market, hospitals, stealing livestock, vehicles, burning civilians’ homes, forcing people into displacement, lack of resources, and unsupported areas resulted in lacking means of survival. Attacks were systematic in nature and scope, echoing the 2003 genocidal attacks. At the present time, Zalingie the capital of central Darfur has been invaded, looted, and all communication has been cut. The inhabitants are expected to face the similar situation that occurred in El Geneina. Similarly, Kabkabiya has been attacked and taken over by the RSF. They are looting and destroying all government and NGOs’ offices and the hospital, including the only two ambulances serving a population of 200 within communities and IDPS. The city has been completely isolated. With a blockade of communication and Internet access, no one has knowledge of the hundreds of thousands trapped in their homes for two months now. Many fear that, in the coming days, Darfur will descend into mass killings. The systemic and targeted killing of human rights defenders has been reported, including three lawyers and prominent members of the Darfur Bar Association who used peaceful means to promote the rule of law in Sudan. Many political activists and journalists have been reported killed along with their families with no one left to tell their story.

The Presence of Multinational Troops in Darfur: 

While both sides have committed gross human rights violations and bear equal responsibility in this senseless war, there is an extremely alarming and dangerous reality that the RSF has proven to be a multi-national militia. While the majority of its troops are from Sudan, many more are descending from west and central African regions, including Arab militias from the Republic of Mali, Niger, Central African Republic, and Libya respectively. Some troops have previously integrated and many have recently crossed the borders to support RSF fighters. The introduction of cross-border uncontrolled troops roaming across five nations alone proves to be a dangerous trend, and, if left unchecked, it will create ISIS, al-Qaida , or Lord Resistance Army-like forces of regional extremists, fueling crises that both international and regional actors will be forced to respond to – but it will be too late to contain then. 

Given Sudan’s history of harboring Islamic extremist terrorist groups, these multinational militias, if they are able to reach deep into mountainous areas in Darfur, will be difficult to confront by both regional or international forces. It will further create an international hub which serves as a foundation for terrorist operatives to use as a basis to destabilize the national security of potentially many leading regional and international actors. 

Allegation of RSF connection to Russian Mercenary – Wagner Group: 

Credible allegations confirmed that the RSF has grown its regional and international ambitions and has since then developed a close relationship with the dangerous Russian Mercenary – Wagner Group. Earlier reports to CNN by Sudanese and regional diplomatic sources confirmed that The Wagner Group has been supplying the RSF with missiles to aid its fight against the country’s army. Allegations also confirmed that a plan was devised to have the Wagner Group stationed in the borders of Darfur and CAR as well as the borders of Darfur and Libya. If The Wagner Group is allowed to support advances, the entire Sudan and many neighboring countries could face disintegration that can devastate Darfur and destabilize the entire east and west African regions. 

The people of Darfur have suffered for far too long from over 20 plus years of genocidal attacks. Three million people, who have been displaced over the years, continue to be attacked and displaced and their attackers have yet to be apprehended or held accountable. They are again under unprecedented systemic attacks with a deliberate policy of extermination of a predetermined segment of the population. The situation in Darfur today is worse than it was in 2003. The traditional methods used by Darfuris as a foundation of survival have been completely removed. While the Janjaweed militias used in 2003 were on horses and camelback, they have now become more sophisticated, with advanced weapons, with military and financial support from multiple regional and international actors – making chances for survival for many civilians unattainable. Regional supply of troops from various countries equally makes control or solution at the national level impossible.

Action to be Taken: 

All the above-mentioned factors have compelled us to seek strong international intervention to prevent the conflict in Darfur before it becomes a regional crisis that may not be resolved in years to come. 

While UN leaders have spoken out to condemn the ethnic violence in El Geneina, disappointingly they have yet to take serious action to protect civilians or save lives. An important first step would be reaching the eight thousand abandoned wounded people in El Geneina. We appreciate that the US and other international leaders have issued a strong condemnation, as unspeakable tragedy unfolds, the time is not for condemnation; serious and swift action must take place before it is too late. Today, Darfur faces systematic and fast-approaching full-scale genocide perpetrated by muti-states troops – it is beyond the capacity of a nation battling total collapse; only immediate and resolute international action can stop. 

Last week, in response to this urgent development, members of the Darfuri diaspora from across the world met, and after carefully analyzing the situation, they decided to call on the United States and the United Nations Security Council to place Darfur under International Trusteeship as the only option to stop the killing of millions in Darfur. 

With the current situation unfolding, even if peace is attained today, the situation in Darfur will not be resolved without a strong international present. Therefore, we the undersigned believe that placing Darfur under International Trusteeship is the most adequate, prudent and effective solution given the current dangerous circumstances, to prevent disintegration or cross borders crises that can be difficult or even impossible to be contained. The International Trusteeship can and will serve as a deterrent and will save lives until Sudan returns into becoming states capable of establishing Rule of Law and has the ability to secure and govern its territory. 

Over too many years, Darfuri people have continued to suffer destruction and death in slow motion. We believe that a region occupied by two thirds of the Sudanese population cannot be ignored. We, the undersigned, urge the United States, the United Nations Security Council, the European Union, and the African Union to take swift multi or bilateral action to place Darfur under an international trusteeship that can be led by a coalition of willing participants to protect Darfur and the entire region from disintegration. This will allow displaced civilians to return home, rebuild their lives and work with others to peacefully transform Sudan into a stable society. 

We believe that during the time of greater needs the people of Sudan are looking up to you and we believe you will not spare any effort that can help save lives and bring sustainable peace. 

We appreciate your kind consideration. 


Niemat Ahmadi 

Founder and President of Darfur Women Action Group 

The Undersigned: 

  1. Darfur Women Action Group 
  2. Darfur Relief and Documentation Center, Geneva, Switzerland 
  3. Darfur Diaspora Association, Toronto, Canada 
  4. Darfur Association of Canada 
  5. Darfuri Women Voice, Greater Darfur, Sudan 
  6. Women for Peace and Security Forum, Sudan 
  7. South Darfur Women Forum, South Darfur, Sudan 
  8. Massalite Community in the United States of America, Dayton, Ohio
  9. Darfur Association of North America, Baton Rouge , Louisiana 
  10. Darfur People’s Association, NY, NY 
  11. Darfur Association AZ Inc, Phoenix Arizona, USA 
  12. Darfur Community Organization, Omaha, Nebraska 
  13. Darfur Union, The Netherlands, The Hague Netherlands 
  14. Darfur Bar Association, Khartoum, Sudan 
  15. Darfur Association of Sweden 
  16. Fur Solidarity USA, USA 
  17. Darfur Association of Florida 
  18. Sudanese’s Community, Jacksonville Florida 
  19. Darfur Association of Italy, Rome, Italy 
  20. Darfur union UK, London, UK 
  21. Darfur Association of Wales, UK 
  22. Moisiron for Integrated Support Organization, Khartoum, Sudan 
  23. Women Peace and Development Organization, South Darfur, Sudan
  24. Greater Darfur Women Forum, Greater Darfur 
  25. Women Of Change Organization, Elgeneina, West Darfur Fur Association of UK and Ireland 
  26. Darfur Union, USA 
  27. Women Organization for Peace and Development, Sudan 
  28. East Darfur Women Forum, East Darfur State, Sudan 
  29. Darfur Civil Society Forum
  30. United Women Movement, South Darfur, Sudan
  31. Women and Child Development Society, North Darfur, Sudan
  32. Stichting Wadi, the Hague, The Netherlands
  33. The Massalite Association in South Sudan, Juba S Sudan
  34. Bargo People Association of South Sudan, Juba S. Sudan
  35. Darfur Network for Human Rights, Kampala, Uganda