Stand with the People of Sudan: 

Millions of Sudanese People are Calling for Democracy

Darfur Women Action Group fervently supports the millions of Sudanese citizens that took to the streets yesterday, October 21 and calls on the leaders of Sudan to be accountable to their own citizens by improving human rights situation, reforming institution, pursuing accountability for past and present crimes, and establishing a strong foundation for sustainable peace in Sudan.

Across the country, from Khartoum to North Kordofan, protests, and marches were conducted in support of the democratic transition. At a press conference on October 20, the Joint Chamber of Marches of Millions for Civil Governance spokesmen demanded that the military hand over power, form the Revolutionary Legislative Council, and complete the peace process. DWAG stands firmly with the people of Sudan as they call for the transparent and peaceful transition they deserve. The suffering of women, men and the children of Sudan have gone on for far too long and they have cried for peace and justice only to see empty slogans. The recent hostile rhetoric between the military and the civilian wings of the transitional government has put the country and the democratic process on hold. DWAG believes it’s imperative that the interim government must not make the transition about themselves as leaders, rather, the interim government must focus on the people of Sudan who marched and have paid the highest price for peaceful change.

The interim government has utterly failed the people’s revolution, despite the promise of freedom, peace and justice they have yet to fulfil their promise to the people of Sudan and many priority issues remain unresolved.

We call on the interim government of Sudan to take concrete action to meet the demands of the people of Sudan and  to allow for a peaceful transition so the country may move forward. We urge the Biden administration to lead the international community in standing with the people of Sudan, hold Sudanese leaders accountable, and to make it clear to the interim leaders, particularly the military, that they must fulfil their responsibilities toward a peaceful and effective transition.

The recent developments in Sudan are alarming and if left unchecked will not only descend Sudan into war and chaos but it will affect the prospect of peace and stability for Eastern Africa and the continent’s horn.

We equally call upon the member states of the United Nations Security Council and the African Union to exercise pressure over Sudan and take immediate measures to hold the government accountable to their commitments to peace and stability, not only in the country but in the region at large.