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The 7th Annual Woman and Genocide Symposium in the 21st Century:

The Case of Darfur

Genocide Survivors and Activists Convene to Remind Us that Darfur Still Matters

WASHINGTON, Oct. 26, 2018 – On October 27-28, an outstanding symposium will be presented by Darfur Women Action Group and five other organizations at the Georgetown, Law Center on 600 New Jersey Ave NW in the Hart Auditorium.

A genocide still rages in Darfur. To date, over three million people have been internally displaced and are unable to return home because of continued violence. In 2018 alone, there have been over 100 attacks on civilians, leaving countless dead and injured. Unfortunately, news of these atrocities is rarely reported by mainstream media because of restrictions on press freedom in Sudan by indicted war criminal president al-Bashir. However, a symposium being hosted by the Darfur Woman Action Group offers a rare glimpse at the horrors that continue to unfold in the region and shows a path to positive action.

The symposium, ‘Woman and Genocide in the 21st Century: The Case of Darfur,’ is unique in its scope and is the only forum of its kind. The symposium brings attention to the forgotten plight of the genocide victims in Darfur. It brings survivors and policymakers face to face to debate, learn, share and develop effective strategies for combating genocide and violence against women in the 21st century. The symposium also serves to further recognize and reinforce qualities of courage, resolve and resilience in women as well as garner support for, and empower them. The symposium goes beyond just bringing together experts to discuss how women are impacted by genocide. It is also a platform on which speakers share stories of outstanding leadership, courage and strength while providing a way for a community to explore how women can be empowered in the face of genocide and violence.

“The DWAG Symposiums are always phenomenal and present life-changing experience,” said attendee D. Robinson. “Through attending these symposiums, I have been able to connect with activists, leaders, and survivors from all over the world.”

This year, a number of notable speakers and activists will be contributing to the symposium. Many speakers are female survivors of rape from multiple crisis situations who will be testifying on their personal accounts. Some of the speakers include Ambassador Liberata Mulamula, former Tanzanian Ambassador to the United States, former UN Senior Legal Officer Mona Ali Khalil, former International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Ocampo and DWAG President Niemat Ahmadi who is a survivor of the Darfur Genocide and a veteran human rights activist. The speakers will cover numerous topics ranging from genocide in the 21st century, to questions of accountability in Darfur, to why we are not effectively addressing the use of rape as a weapon of war. First-hand testimonials of women survivors and heartbreaking stories of courage and struggles for justice dominate the conversation.

However, the symposium will not only serve to inform people of the crimes committed in Sudan, it also enables them to act. There will be various break-out sessions designed to engage people who want to stand up for the people of Darfur. Those who are interested will receive advocacy and strategy development training to help them become effective activists. There will also be an interactive round table discussion with members of the Sudanese diaspora which will explore ways to develop a unified strategy for sustainable change in Sudan.

The Darfur Women Action Group was founded in 2009 by Niemat Ahmadi. They are a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of and empowering communities affected by the genocide in Sudan. Learn more at

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