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Niemat Ahmadi

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Washington, DC, May 3rd  – Renowned Italian singer Tony Esposito and his friend, American pianist, composer, and painter Mark Ksotabi, have taken an unprecedented initiative to make women empowerment their priority through their support of Darfur Women Action Group’s project. They will be coming all the way from Rome to DC to perform in charity concert and arts auction called Stars for Darfur, an event benefiting women survivors.

On May 4th, 2019 Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG) and notable DC-based organization Italians in DC (IDC) will be hosting Stars for Darfur, a multi-cultural benefit concert. All proceeds will be used to advance DWAG’s projects focusing on empowerment of women survivors of the genocide in Darfur, Sudan.

Stars for Darfur will feature a group of outstanding artists and musicians, including Italian singer Tony Espasito, Mark Kostabi, prominent Sudanese musician Ibrahim Sunata and the music group I MusiChianti. Meanwhile, the auction will feature Mark Kostabi and the work of other renowned artists, as well as handmade crafts produced by various women artists in Darfur refugee camps who are eager to watch their efforts invest back into their own communities. All these artists and musicians have joined hands to support DWAG’s efforts to advance human rights and women’s rights in Darfur and around the world.

“In spite of the fact that Darfur is not in the news and most of the attention has faded away however, Tony, Mark, and our friends from the DC Italian community have shown the people of Darfur that they are not alone,” said DWAG president Niemat Ahmadi. “There are people who deeply care and have never seized supporting the people of Darfur to continue their fight for dignity and justice.”

Stars for Darfur is an amazing initiative that reaches beyond simple acts of kindness. It is the result of a long-term collaborative effort initiated seven years ago by Tony Esposito and Mark Kostabi, uniting the Italian and Sudanese communities in support of the people of Darfur.

People from both communities, and their supporters who fight for human rights, women’s rights and social justice, will gather in support of these amazing artists who have chosen to utilize their incredible talent to further the cause of DWAG.

This Saturday, May 4, Stars for Darfur will be held at Club Elevate (15 K ST NW, Washington, DC 20002), conveniently located just two blocks from Union Station. Door will be opening at 5:00 pm and closing at 9:00 pm with tickets costing just $10 when purchased online, and $15 at the door. For more information or wishes to register, one can contact program@darfurwomenaction.

Please join us as we bring human rights community together in a celebration of culture and the talent of international artists and musicians. Our artists have chosen to use their own talents to continue to fight for Darfur. Will you?

Niemat Ahmadi