Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok Resigns,

Paving the Way for Military Rule

On January 2, Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok announced his resignation in a televised address. This resignation comes after months of civil unrest brought about by the October 25 coup d’etat and a controversial political agreement between the military and the interim government. In the address, Hamdok cited his failure to combine all aspects of the government of the transition to reach a unified vision as the reason for his resignation. “Despite all that was done to bring about the desired and necessary agreement to fulfill our promise to the citizens of security, peace, justice, and an end to the bloodshed, this did not happen,” Hamdok said in the speech. Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG) is alarmed by Hamdok’s resignation, as his resignation may signal a stronger foothold on power for the military. 

Hamdok previously stated that he would tender his resignation if the political agreement did not serve the interests of the Sudanese people. Civilians have suffered as a result of the increasing military crackdown in the capital since the military takeover on October 25, 2021. Most recently, eight civilians have died as a result of live ammunition and tear gas firing during protests within the last four days. Moreover, amid the political power grabbing, the humanitarian situation in Darfur continues to further deteriorate. The World Food Programme warehouses were looted in North Darfur due to food shortages. Two were killed in the looting, and two others were shot dead in armed robberies. 

Hamdok’s resignation leaves Sudan’s future and prospects of democracy vulnerable to deadlock unless it is urgently rectified. DWAG fears that the military junta would increase its crackdown on peaceful protestors while further deteriorating the already fragile situation in Sudan. 

DWAG condemns the lack of political cooperation between the interim government and the military, which has come at a great price for the security and democracy of the Sudanese people. DWAG calls on the United States and United Nations Security Council to implement strong measures such as targeted sanctions, travel bans, and asset freezing on General al-Burhan, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo “Hemeti,” and other military members until they surrender to a civilian-led government. We also urge the United Nations Security Council to Authorize a United Nations force to protect civilians in Darfur. The international community must remain vigilant of the military attempts to take hold of power more than ever. The military junta’s consolidation of economic and political power will be detrimental to the Sudanese population and democratic transition. We must continue advocating for the immediate restoration of a civilian government.