Ongoing Violence Ravaging North Darfur, Young Girl Raped by Militiamen

Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG) is outraged to hear of the rape of a young girl by gunmen in military uniforms in the Tawila locality on Tuesday in North Darfur. News of this violent crime comes at the heels of reports of more gunmen in military uniforms attacking civilians, looting, and burning of villages in North Darfur — tactics that are emblematic of the genocidal violence that continues throughout the region. DWAG condemns these malicious acts in the strongest terms and calls for the Interim government to take immediate action to stop the violence, protect women, and hold those responsible accountable. Heinous crimes such as rape must not be let go without serious consequences for the perpetrators. DWAG also urges the US government and the member states of the UNSC council to hold Sudan accountable for its failure to protect civilians and bring perpetrators of these cruel crimes to justice. 

DWAG will remain vigilant to and committed to continuing to draw attention to the situation. DWAG stands in solidarity with the people of North Darfur and demands the government and international community to take immediate action to ensure the protection of civilians.