DWAG is gravely concerned about the recent attacks and casualties in North, Central, West, and South Darfur and the shameful silence of the international community in the face of this carnage. This violence is part of a pattern that has only escalated from late 2022 until now, yet the international community still fails to hold the Sudanese government accountable. 

On Monday, February 6, armed robbers near El Geneina in West Darfur attacked and shot at a group of passengers traveling from El Geneina to Kulbus; one man died, and three received injuries. On the same day, armed robbers attacked a passenger vehicle in Tendelti, Central Sudan, robbing the passengers of all of their belongings and leaving one person injured; in addition, shooters fired at and wounded a telephone dealer, as well as subjected a home to heavy gunfire, killed the tenant’s horse, and left a threatening message outside. This message warned the tenant, Hasan Adam Ishag, not to interfere in a dispute involving members of the Beni Hussein clan, an Arab herding clan. On Sunday, on February 5, armed robbers assaulted three vehicles returning from El Sereif to Saraf Omra in North Darfur, leaving one injured.

Additionally, on February 4, the Darfur Network for Monitoring and Documentation (DNMD) reported the death of Adam Abdallah Ibrahim, the brother of an administrative leader in the Daju ethnic community in South Darfur. Ibrahim had taken severe injuries from the December 23 attacks last year, which left dozens of other innocent civilians injured or killed. These attacks involved armed and uniformed Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militias, who burned and looted several villages in Beleil, South Darfur. The RSF attack left 17 dead, dozens injured, and 16,000 displaced. Officials failed to bring RSF-aligned Arab militias from the Rizeigat clan to justice.

These recent attacks in Darfur are not random but rather part of a consistent and deliberate genocidal plan – a plan that government-affiliated militias continue to implement because the aggressors know they can act violently with impunity. To end these atrocities, the international community must act as per its obligations under international law. Accordingly, DWAG calls on the Biden Administration and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to take the following actions to defend Darfuris from genocidal violence:

To our supporters, we ask you to continue speaking up for Darfur and tell your leaders that silence kills the innocent. The global community must make the protection of innocent civilians its utmost priority and to that end, make it clear that impunity for such heinous crimes is not an option. We must speak up and demand accountability for perpetrators of genocide in Darfur and Sudan. With your continued support for our work and advocacy for victims and survivors in Darfur, we can save lives.

Thank you,

Niemat Ahmadi, President and Founder, DWAG