Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG) is deeply outraged about the rising violence in West, Central, and South Darfur, severely threatening the safety of internally displaced persons (IDPs), as well as the international community’s failure to value and protect the innocent civilians frequently under attack.

According to the report, on March 19, a group of armed men on motorcycles attacked and robbed two displaced individuals in the Sirba locality in West Darfur state, shooting one in the hand and stabbing the other in the back and chest. Both victims were taken to the hospital. Armed assaults have become highly common in West Darfur due to a breakdown of law and order, particularly for the displaced.

Recently, IDPs residing in the Kalma and El Salam IDP camps in South Darfur, as well as the Hamidiya camp in Central Darfur, have spoken to Radio Dabanga about the desperate conditions they are facing. Soaring living costs, serious food shortages, and few employment opportunities are aggravating poverty threatening people’s survival. Such a situation increases insecurity and triggers the proliferation of weapons, making it difficult for aid organizations to provide necessities.

Attacks on IDPs, though increasingly common, have long characterized and contributed to the poor living conditions that IDPs in Darfur have faced since the start of the genocide. These attacks continue to occur because those responsible know no one will hold them accountable, with many attackers even having close ties to the Sudanese junta. To end these atrocities, the international community must act as per its responsibility to protect and the Chapter Seven mandate. Accordingly, DWAG calls on the Biden Administration and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to take the following actions to protect Darfuris at risk of violence and genocide:

The global community must give the protection of innocent civilians the utmost priority and ensure those responsible for atrocities face justice and are held accountable for their crimes. We call on you, our supporters, to join us in speaking up and demanding accountability for perpetrators of violence in Darfur and Sudan. With your continued support for our work and advocacy for IDPs and all others in Darfur, we can save lives.