Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG) expresses its outrage about the continued violence against innocent civilian protestors in Sudan.

Over the past few days, thousands of people gathered the streets of Sudan to mark the 33rd anniversary of the coup d’état that began Al Bashir’s dictatorship that would last for over 30 years and to rally against the military leadership that seized power eight months ago. Security forces were reported to have fired tear gas and gunfire to prevent the protestors from marching towards the presidential palace, killing over 10 people and injuring over 500. In addition, recent reports indicate that authorities have detained and released over 300 people, many of whom are young women and minors. One of the released detainees was reported to have sustained broken arms due to severe beatings from authorities. Sudan’s Emergency Lawyers suspect that the 40 missing protestors are currently being held in Military Intelligence Centers. In response to the violence, protestors have been staging a sit-in for more than 24 hours to continue to voice their anger at the military and demand that they hand over the power to a civilian government.

These rallies came after more than eight months of demonstrations against military leaders who staged a coup in October of last year which ended a power-sharing agreement with civilians. These demonstrations were met with excessive violence, with military forces injuring over 200 protestors. The military forces used live ammunition firing, stun grenades, tear gas canisters, and ran over protestors using their vehicles. Many activists and protestors were detained by authorities following the aftermath of the coup, with the detainees not being allowed to see their family and receive proper medical care.

Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG) strongly condemns Sudanese authorities for disrupting the right of the Sudanese people’s right to peacefully protest by using excessive violence and force. In addition, we consider the continuation of the arbitrary detention of protestors a human
rights violation and find that it violates international law.

The United States and the international community must prioritize accountability against the military in Sudan for all the human rights violations they have committed against innocent Sudanese civilians. DWAG calls upon the international community to put more pressure for
Sudanese authorities to reveal all places of illegal detention and facilitate access to mortuaries and hospital for families of the missing protestors.


The United States and the UNSC must press Sudan to:

 Immediately seize attacks on peaceful protesters and civilians in Darfur

 Release the detained and the missing individuals without conditions

 Hold accountable those who used excessive force against protester

 Surrender the ruling power to a civilian government.

The Biden administration and the United Nations security Council Must impose financial and criminal accountability on Sudan military junta, without which Sudan will not be in peace.


We urge our supporters to speak up and urge the Biden administration to impose consequences on individual responsible of attack on civilian-led in Sudan and urge a peaceful return to civilian-led government.