A Coup Attempt & Continued Instability in Sudan

Any sense of security and stability remains a far reaching goal in Sudan 

On September 21st the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) and Radio Dabanga reported on an attempted coup in Sudan, which has since been halted by the military apparatus. It is not yet clear who was behind the attempt, but it is alleged to have been initiated by current and former affiliates of the Bashir regime. DWAG condemns in the strongest terms the coup attempt and urges the interim government to fulfill its commitment to the people of Sudan.This is not the first incident of this kind. It has and will continue to happen due to the lack of accountability by the transitional government. 

Despite the many promises the transitional government has made, they have not followed through with their promise to bring about the revolution of freedom, peace and justice in Sudan, as actions from the military wing of the government continue to thwart and undermine these efforts. 

Tensions between the military and civil leaders are at a high with Mohamed El Faki, the current head of the Empowerment Removal Committee, and Mohamed El Taayshi, both members of Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC) publicly criticizing the withdrawal of security forces from the Empowerment Removal Committee’s office buildings, an act which they believe will leave the offices vulnerable to attack. Minister of Cabinet Affairs Khaled Omar said that the withdrawal is part of a series of developments aimed at undermining the transitional period, in addition to the breakdown of dialogue between the military and civilian led factions of the government, as the former has suspended all meetings with the latter.

In response, protesters across the country are lamenting how much power the military has in the transitional government and expressing their support for continued steps towards the democratic transition. At DWAG we are  gravely  concerned about the ongoing tensions and the lack of political will from both sides in moving the country forward. DWAG welcomes the efforts of the UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan’s attempts to mediate the conflict between the two parties but implores each party to quickly come to a consensus that will end civilian-directed violence and any efforts made by the military-wing of the interim government to subvert the country’s move towards democracy.

While there have been repeated calls from civil society groups and political parties for institutional reform, particularly towards the military and the security institutions that are dominated by the militias or elements of the former regime, the interim government has not taken any concrete steps to conduct the necessary reforms to move the country forward. These coup attempts and ensuing instability underscore the fact that the interim government needs to do its own due diligence by executing institutional reform and holding perpetrators of past and present crimes and all human rights violations accountable.

Those in the military apparatus and elements of the former regime, who have continually committed these crimes, must have no role in shaping the future of Sudan. For years, Sudan has taken a military approach that has led the country to slide into the brink of destruction. We believe now more than ever a civilian-led government is the only way forward to establish the foundation for democracy and transform Sudan. DWAG remains committed to speaking up and holding Prime Minister Hamdok to account. DWAG further demands that his government must thoroughly investigate and prosecute those involved, as well as re-evaluate the transition process to guarantee that elements of the former regime can no longer hinder progress towards democracy. Impunity must no longer be the norm for members and affiliates of the former regime. DWAG urges its supporters to join our efforts to urge the international community to press Prime Minister Hamdok, the Sovereign Council, and the Council of Ministers that they must prioritize accountability. Without accountability, there cannot be peace or democracy in Sudan.