Darfur Women Action Group (DWAG) is gravely concerned by the alarming level of violence in Sudan’s Blue Nile state, particularly in the towns of Ed Damazin and El Roseires.

These brutal acts of compounding violence being perpetrated against innocent civilians are a further reminder that the Sudanese military continues to instigate division and fails to address the worsening security situation in Sudan while the international community has turned its attention elsewhere. Last year’s coup, led by Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, has created a security vacuum that has fostered a resurgence in intercommunal violence in a region that already faces conflicts over land, livestock, and access to water.

The recent wave of violence came from an agricultural dispute, with a Brita member allegedly denying a Hausa request to establish a “civil authority to supervise access to land”. However, according to a Brita member, the request was denied as a response to a “violation” of its lands by the Hausa. The violence has led to over 65 deaths and over 150 people being injured. The humanitarian situation remains dire, as the El Roseires hospital was reported to have run out of first aid equipment and that reinforcements were needed as the number of injured people were rising. Authorities were deployed to impose a curfew due to the violence and Ahmed El Omda, the governor of the Blue Nile state, declared that marches would be banned for a month. In response to the violence in the Blue Nile state, police have fired tear gas against hundreds of anti-coup protestors in Khartoum who held the country’s military leadership responsible for the recent wave of violence. Since the October 25th coup, violence continues to escalate, and hundreds have lost their lives. Despite this, world leaders have perpetually overlooked the crisis in Sudan. As a result of the silence and complicity of our leaders, the Sudanese military will continue to exterminate more civilians.

DWAG strongly denounces the escalation of this violence, as well as the international community’s willingness to look the other way in the face of this humanitarian catastrophe. DWAG calls on the international community to take strong accountability measures and pressure Sudan to stop the ongoing violence. We call on the international community, the United States, and the UN Security Council to take the following measures:


DWAG equally urges our supporters to speak up, spread the word, and demand their leaders to take swift action to end the suffering and bring lasting peace and stability in Sudan. We must continue to make our voice louder and demand accountability. With our collective effort, we can make a difference and end the suffering across Sudan.