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Washington, DC- 20+ organizations from across the globe have signed a letter to the member states of the United Nations Security Council expressing concern about civilian protection in Darfur and the plan to withdraw the Joint United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID).

The letter denounced taken by Sudan’s Prime Minister Hamdok in rejecting the Chapter 7 authorization of UN peacekeeping forces. The letter cited that PM Hamdok is looking at Sudan’s issues from the lenses of Khartoum rather than holistically across the country.

In doing so, PM Hamdok is prioritizing posturing over protection. For him, from the comfort of Khartoum, it may be tempting to be rhetorically seen as a strong, sovereign leader that does not accept international forces on Sudan’s territory. However, this approach in reality would sacrifice Darfuri lives for his personal and political pride“, said DWAG’s president Niemat Ahmadi.

The letter also raised the alarm about the attempt to replace UNAMID with a small UN mission to be centered in Khartoum. It will additionally be chartered on a Chapter Six mandate with no authorization to protect civilians — this will be disastrous and may descend the country into crisis again.

The letter strongly urged the security council to extend UNAMID through the COVID-19 emergency shutdown and further demanded that the security council authorize replacement forces for UNAMID with a Chapter Seven mandate to ensure that vulnerable civilians in Darfur, South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and other crisis areas can be protected throughout a successful interim period.

DWAG also launched a social media campaign using #Don’tAbandonDarfur and urged its supporters to share its messaging stressing the fact that Darfur still needs protection, peace, and justice.

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