Press Release Regarding the Violence in Nyla, South Darfur the First Week of July

Darfur Women Action Group condemns the bloody violence in Nyla, South Darfur and calls on the international community to protect the people of Darfur

Darfur Women Action Group is gravely concerned, about violent clashes between the pro-government militias that erupted in an urban area of Nyla, South Darfur in the first week of July. These clashes resulted in the deaths of a number of civilians, including the shooting of students. These clashes also killed two World Vision humanitarian aid workers and injured of three others. According to World Vision, the staff members were killed in a grenade explosion and their compound was later looted. World Vision has since suspended aid to South Darfur, which has affected one million people.

This is just one instance of rampant violence in Darfur that affects not only NGO workers, but civilians as well. Such violence not only creates extreme danger for the people of Darfur, but also further undermines the flow of the humanitarian work by endangering lives and discouraging and ending aid programs that provide vital services such as food aid, healthcare, and water and sanitation assistance.

Darfur Women Action Group condemns these systematic acts of violence and the ongoing crimes against civilians and aid workers in Darfur. DWAG believes that the government of Sudan should be held accountable for the investigation of this incident, prosecution of the perpetrators, justice for those who lost their lives, and rehabilitation for those who have been injured. DWAG calls on the international community to protect all people in Darfur, including civilians and aid workers, and asks that NGOs and international aid agencies not abandon Darfur, as the aftermath of such violence is a time when support is needed most.

Darfur Women Action Group is a US based, women led anti-atrocity organization. Our core mission is to advance human rights by combating violence, preventing atrocities, and promoting peace. We support grassroots and national organizations both in the US and on the ground in Darfur. We hope to provide opportunities to amplify the voices of those most affected by the conflict and bring them to the attention of the international community.