Brenda Tyler

What differentiates Darfur Women Action Group from other organizations is its leadership. Nowhere else have I encountered such a brave and dedicated leader as Niemat Ahmadi. Her unyielding commitment to DWAG’S mission and her unwavering persistence in justice for Darfur is both unparalleled and infectious. As a previous development intern for DWAG, I worked very closely with Niemat. The passion she feels for the cause manifests itself in such a positive and dynamic way that all around cannot help but feel motivated. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with DWAG. It unearthed my passion for development work, and inspired me to continue to work with non-profit organizations. DWAG continually proves that, regardless of size and money, dedicated organizations can and are influential and impactful in the fight for justice and human rights. In development work we often feel that we are not making a dent, but organizations like DWAG, and people like Niemat constantly reassure me that and change is coming.