“My mother trapped between fires for ten years in Darfur”

“My mother trapped between fires for ten years in Darfur”

Please help Darfur Women Action Group speaks up for Darfur on this Mother’s Day

Dear Friends and Supporters of Darfur Women Action Group,

This mother’s day marks ten year since my mother has been caught up between the fires. Surviving genocide is not an easy task. It takes a lot of courage and resolve. Ten years for my aged mother is too long.

It’s because of my mother I survived. When I was under threat, she begged me and encouraged me to leave for my own safety and gave me the hope that I strongly hold onto until today by being a voice for my people.

When I left I had hope that I could speak for my people and the world would listen and do something to stop it. Sadly, a decade later my mother and millions of women are still trapped between the fires of Janjaweed and the government army’s attacks on a daily basis.

I continue to hold on to my commitment by speaking for my people everywhere to keep the hope alive, but the international community has shown a little commitment to end the suffering of millions mothers, fathers and children in Darfur and other regions in Sudan

This spring marks the 10th year of the genocide in Darfur where over 300, 000 people have been killed, over 2.7 million people have been displaced and many more have crossed the borders to live as refugees in the neighboring countries.

Recent reports indicate violence in Darfur has one again escalated and the security situation is deteriorating. This month the UN reported that 200,000 have been newly displaced in Darfur alone, among whom women and children are the most affected making up the overwhelming majority of the camps dwellers. The blockade of humanitarian access and attacks against the peacekeeping mission is ongoing.

Four years ago President Bashir of Sudan was been indicted by the International Criminal Court for crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Darfur, yet he remains a fugitive of justice. Due to in-action by the international community Bashir extended attacks to the regions of South Kordofan and Blue Nile and has blockaded them from aid assistance for two years.

Today hundreds of men, women, and children continue to face death and are at extreme risk of starvation and disease. That is why we need your voice and we need your help more than ever before to continue speak up for them. With your support we are able to make our voices louder, and with your support to Darfur Women Action Group today we will continue to empower the most affected to stand up for themselves and to hold Bashir accountable to bring justice and lasting peace to our people.

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Thank you,

Niemat Ahmadi& Darfur Women Action Group’s team