Two women were wounded in an attack by gunmen on their farms in eastern Jebel Marra on Sunday morning.

Farmers reported to this radio station that armed men, driving two Land Cruisers with machine guns mounted on the top, along with gunmen on seven motorcycles and about 36 others on camels and horses, opened fire on a group of farmers.

The farmers had come from Dubo El Omda, Dubo El Madrasa, and Mashrou Abu Zeid to clean their farms. The attackers beat a number of the farmers and drove them off from the farms. Mariam Ishag Yagoub and Yasmin Haroun were wounded.

Recent clashes between Sudanese soldiers and armed opposition in Jebel Marra has led to an increase of the insecurity in the area. A woman lost both legs on Friday after government forces shelled Sabun El Fagur in Jebel Marra with heavy artillery. Last week, the Sudanese Air Force bombed areas in the mountainous region, according to the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdelwahid El Nur.