Eight university students from Darfur have been released on bail by the Sudanese security apparatus after spending over five months in detention.

On Monday, the eight students were released after serving a period of five months and six days in detention camps of the Sudanese security apparatus – without being charged. They were among the students who organised and attended a mass speech for the United Popular Front (UPF) on September 13 last year.

During these mass speeches against the continued detentions of UPF members in Khartoum Bahri market, several Darfuri students were detained.

Lawyer Abdelbasit Mohamed told Radio Dabanga yesterday that during their detention, the eight students from Darfur were not allowed any visits from their families. “They were subjected to a variety of physical and psychological torture, together with humiliation and ill-treatment.”

Three weeks ago, the security service transferred the young men to the state security prosecution. “They have stayed there, without being charged whttps://www.dabangasudan.org/en/all-news/article/sudan-releases-two-more-politicians-journalists-remain-detainedith any offences, for 23 days.”

Abdelbasit said that the prosecution released them on Monday with a bail. In t