Police in Khartoum dispersed by force a gathering for a speech by the Darfuri students associations of universities at the Faculty of Law of the University of El Nilein yesterday.

One of the student leaders told Radio Dabanga that the speech came in solidarity with the Darfuri students at Bakht El Rida University.

He stressed the students’ adherence to their position of returning the dismissed students to the university without any conditions and releasing all detained students or bringing them to a fair trial.

He said that the students asked the administration of Bakht El Rida University to provide a written apology to the Darfuri students at the university and adjust the situation of the students who have been harmed by the measures taken by the university administration against them or against their colleagues.

Today the students submitted a memorandum to the Ministry of Higher Education demanding the return of the dismissed students from Bakht El Rida University, the release of the detainees and the need to investigate the reasons that led some university professors abuse the university students.