About 1,000 students at the University of Bakht El Rida in El Duweim in White Nile state submitted collective resignations from the university in protest against “the security services and the university administration’s racial targeting of Darfuri students,” of whom 13 have been dismissed and nine others arrested on accusation of murder.

Yesterday a student told Radio Dabanga that all the Darfuri students at Bakht El Rida University submitted mass resignations to the deans of their faculties and left the university.

He explained that “the administration of the university routinely accuses the people of Darfur of everything happening at the university and in turn incites their fellow students against them”.

He stressed that the students will only return to the university if the dismissed students are reinstated, and the detained students released or brought to fair trial. They also demand “a stop to the systematic targeting of Darfuri students and the incitement against them”.