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Four dead, South Darfur village torched in pre-Eid raid

Four people were killed and others were injured in an attack by gunmen on Guba village in Eastern Jebel Marra, who reportedly also stole property and ...

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Prision torture

SLM-MM: ‘PoW dead after torture in Sudan prison

Prisoner of War Abdelsalam Mohamed Siddig has died at El Huda prison in Omdurman after suffering a fracture in both legs due to torture and deprivatio...

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Happy genocidal maniac

Sudan’s President Al Bashir: ‘Cut off limbs and necks of those who refuse to surrender illegal arms’

President Omar Al Bashir has ordered Sudan’s judges to “apply the law and cut off limbs and necks of anyone who refuses to hand over his illegal w...

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Darfuri activist arrested in Cairo faces deportation to Khartoum

Egyptian authorities arrested activist Sudanese Mohamed Adam El Haj Yousef, known as Wad Tregul, at El Duggi district of Cairo, on Sunday. His family ...

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High-level British delegation visits North Darfur

On Tuesday, a delegation from the United Kingdom led by the British Minister of State for Africa, Harriett Baldwin, visited North Darfur and held talk...

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