Global Day for Action against the Unfolding Genocide in Darfur April 25, 2014

On this day, the Darfuri and Sudanese diaspora, along with friends of Darfur and Sudan worldwide, will be holding events, including rallies, protests, forums, workshops and panel discussions in the United States, Europe, Canada, Africa and Australia to draw the world’s attention to and to protest the unfolding genocide in Darfur today.

Since February 28, 2014, Darfur has witnessed a new wave of bloody attacks, comprising mass killing, rape, and destruction of entire villages and camps, resulting in massive new displacement and loss of countless innocent lives. The government-sponsored Janjaweed militias – Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – are currently waging a new surge of violence in North, South, East and Central Darfur aimed at exterminating the remainder of the survivors of the 11 year long genocide; people who have continued to endure an unimaginable horror and dehumanization, while struggling to survive.

Intensified air bombing, particularly in eastern Jebel Marra and other areas in North Darfur, are occurring daily. Recent UN reports indicate that the number of displaced people at the beginning of 2014 was about 215,000 – and this is only from the places where the UN has some access. However, most of the affected communities are blocked by the government militias. In addition, the humanitarian organizations are threatened, expelled or prevented from reaching the needy.

As you all know, President Bashir of Sudan stands accused by the world of the most heinous crimes – genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued two warrants for his arrest with 10 counts. However, Bashir remains at large as a fugitive of justice who has continued to commit crimes while free to travel and participate in international and regional forums, where he is constantly cheered and welcomed as an ordinary diplomat

In spite of the longstanding suffering and the new surge of violence against our people in Darfur, world leaders remain silent or, at best, pay lip service with words of condemnation. This indicates that we are currently living in a very dangerous world where genocide can be and has, in fact, been tolerated to continue for more than a decade. Genocide is the worse type of human destruction and we believe that human destruction anywhere affects our humanity everywhere. Therefore, we are appealing to you all as ordinary citizens who are fighting against genocide to join us, become a voice, strengthen and amplify the voices of Darfuri survivors by speaking up for the people of Darfur and hold your leaders accountable for their inaction to end genocide or pursue accountability for these serious crimes that continue to be committed by al-Bashir and his government-sponsored Janjaweed militias.

Please Join Us

Details about the address and the places of the events will be forthcoming; stay tuned