Chemical Weapon Attacks in Darfur – A Case for Conscious Thinking

By Nick Cabrejos


Untitled_2The Sudanese government along with the Janjaweed are responsible for the mass atrocities being committed in Darfur, and it seems like they are attempting to out-do themselves with every consecutive attack. In the latest report by Amnesty International on Darfur they have reported evidence of brutal chemical weapon attacks on the communities living in the Jebel Marra area of Darfur. The images and testimonies shared are not only evidence of crimes against humanity, but they are also evidence of how low a human-being can stoop while being submerged in a mental state of racist-influenced rage encouraged by a leader who shows no shame or remorse for ordering attacks towards innocent people.


Philosophers have said that what separates humans from beasts is the ability to rationalize, and I hope that the youngest members of the Sudanese army and the Janjaweed will have the change of heart to be able to see the evil of their actions and seize their blind support to Bashir. Once this becomes a reality, the people of Sudan will see that they are meant to live together in a peaceful society.


The horrific brutality of these attacks transcendentally breaks the moral codes of any modern-day religion and so we have to ask ourselves, why is the Darfurian genocide not a topic being shared around the world? Why do we have to wait for the images of burned and melted skin of children to finally decide to care about them? Why are we so easily distracted by the “trending” topics that the media is constantly putting in our faces? How is it possible to begin to comprehend the atrocities being committed when we do not take the time to investigate, share, and discuss these attacks? How much longer will thoughts and prayer continue without taking any action?


Dear readers we must ask ourselves, if these attacks do not have the characteristics needed to be considered to be ethnic cleansing then honestly what else can they be? Evidence gathered by amnesty is a testimony to the fact.


**Images on Amnesty International site – viewer discretion is advised**