Bashir- The Fugitive Must Be Arrested!

Join us to commemorate the International Criminal Justice Day on July 17th

Dear DWAG supporters,

Five years ago, on July 12th, 2010, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued the second arrest warrant for President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan for three counts of genocide, which follows his first arrest warrant issued on March 4, 2009 for two counts of war crimes and five counts crimes against humanity.President al-Bashir remains a fugitive who has been allowed to travel with impunity and in defiance of international justice. World leaders have failed to stand by their words in supporting the ICC to hold the genocidal criminal accountable.

Between July 12th and the days leading up to International Justice Day on July 17th, we need your support to speak up to remind world leaders of their responsibilities and demand that they must support the ICC to achieve justice for the victims of genocide and accountability for the perpetrators of the world’s worse crimes.

What can you do?

– Continue to educate yourself about Bashir’s continued crimes and what needs to be done to stop him – and are just a few organizational examples who focus on what continues to happen in Darfur

– Add your voice – Help us urge the ICC to continue to investigate crimes and to strategize with a thorough enforcement mechanism to hold parties to the Rome Statute accountable for their actions

– Encourage the United States to support accountability for the world’s worse crimes of genocide, and to urge other UNSC members to support the ICC in its mission to prosecute abusers of human rights

– Help spread the word via social media- change your Twitter and Facebook profile pictures to the image provided in the link below, urge your friends to do the same, and use the hashtags #Respond2Darfur and #JusticeMatters to make your voices heard.

I hope you will join us!

With Gratitude,
Niemat Ahmadi, President and Founder of Darfur Women Action Group