Attacks Against Civilians in Darfur Must End

Attack on civilians intensified while the interim government of Sudan is misleading the world 

In the past month, despite the COVID-19 pandemic crisis that continues to ravage the country of Sudan, the violence in Darfur only grew from constant clashes and attacks on innocent civilians including vulnerable displaced persons camps.

  • Jebel Marra (June 2): Three civilian women were killed and six children, including an eight-month-old infant, were injured. The Sudan Armed Forces condemned the attackers, but no updates on arrest have been made.
  • Kadugli (June 5): Members of the Rapid Support Forces shot three farmers dead in their farms. No one has been held accountable for the incident.
  • Jebel Marra (June 9): A soldier was shot dead by gunmen and three women were abducted. Two of the three women have been released, while one is still being held.
  • In the 2nd week of June, a group of farmers were attacked by Janjaweed militias and severely wounded, which prompted citizens to protest and demand protection.
  • In another incident, two brothers were brutally attacked in a house invasion in Kabkabiya city. The two brothers were kidnapped while the perpetrator hijacked their car. After getting shot and severely beaten, they were thrown out about 50 miles away from the city. The police refused to pursue the attackers with an excuse of not having a police car at the time. The two brothers were finally found in a critical condition after civilians searched for them and were taken to Kabkabiya hospital for surgeries.
  • Kalma (June 10): Two people were killed and one was injured by an armed group near one of the largest displacement camps in Darfur. The case was investigated by the police and the Minister of Cabinet Affairs appealed for the public to cooperate as he vowed to bring justice.
  • Nierteti (June 28): A displaced woman and an army soldier were shot dead with two more soldiers wounded in a gunfight between unidentified armed men. 
  • Kabkabiya (June 30): Six demonstrators, including two children, were wounded at a protest when officers fired tear gas and opened fire.
  • On Tuesday, July 7th, a 35-year-old man was shot and killed by janjaweeds in Shobs village while working on his farm near Kabkabiya town.

Even in a time of global emergency, the atrocious violence continues without pause. These attacks are not isolated incidents. In fact, it’s a part of the systematic attack that continued to be perpetrated by Arab militias affiliated with Rapid Support Forces against the indigenous Darfur. To fight against the killings, rapes, and beatings that remain unresolved or ignored, we must bring attention, increase pressure, and hold the interim government of Sudan and the international community to accept their responsibility by ensuring effective civilian protection in Darfur. The authorities must be held accountable for their promises to bring justice and end violence.

As advocates of justice for the victims in Darfur, the Darfur Women Action Group urges the international community and global governments to bring justice for the Sudanese community and to listen and amplify the voices of protestors on the ground. Protect Darfur civilians from attacks and the ongoing gross human rights violations and advocate for a civilian government in Sudan. By demanding accountability, the people of Darfur and Sudan may one day have lasting peace.

While negotiating the deployment of UN forces, Prime Minister Hamdok refused a chapter seven mandate and presented a plan to provide civilians protection in Darfur, though in reality nothing has been materialized on the ground.

The member states of the United Nations Security Council including the United States must hold the interim government of Sudan accountable. 

Without safety and security in Darfur, South Kordofan, and proper accountability, there will not be peace, stability, or transformation in Sudan.