A rejuvenating conference for genocide-prevention advocates

By Andalisa Lopez


In a world with seemingly endless problems it’s easy to become disillusioned and overwhelmed, especially when your passion lies in raising awareness about ongoing mass atrocities.  I have been lucky enough to attend the Darfur Women Action Group’s (DWAG) Annual Symposium since 2013, and each year I feel rejuvenated and inspired to keep raising awareness. 


Each year DWAG brings in a fantastic line-up of speakers to talk about the need for inclusion of women at all levels of decision making, particularly in the peacebuilding process, and implications for law and policies with regards to prosecuting human rights abusers and preventing genocide. The intimate venue of the weekend allows conference-goers to actively participate in discussions and engage with the speakers and other attendees in a very meaningful way.


As a participant you will not only join the conference as a listener, but can also engage in strategy development for the future of advocacy. You will listen, meet and interact with courageous women who have demonstrated an outstanding resilience and leadership in spite of their harsh experience. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about genocide, its impact on women and what you can do to help to make a difference.


Let’s make DWAG’s conference a tradition, and a chance to rejoin the cause to empower peace in Darfur and beyond.