16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women

16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women

Today, the Darfur Women Action Group will be launching our 16 days of activism to bring awareness and action against violence directed to women in Darfur. Through November 25 to December the 10th, we will be sharing stories of suffering and resilience in order to provide opportunities for others to take action. While allowing for women to take part in representing their voices and facilitating dialogue between reader/writer, we will be actively sharing our UNSC petition as well as our petition to the Congress. Our petitions will call for immediate and collective action to be directed at the incident in Tabit as well as share ways in which readers can immediately partake in addressing human rights violations.

These 16 days of activism is also an opportunity to invest in the resiliency noted in the women of Darfur. We will launch a fund raising effort to build women empowerment center to provide support needed for the women in Tabit including Medical treatment, Psychosocial support and trauma counseling It is a practical response to the long standing violence against women in Darfur, and, as such, this project will provide women with a place needed for them to share, to develop their priorities and survival strategies, to seek counseling and solutions to rape and other multiple problems facing women in the camps daily. By coming together, the women’s strength can be realized through the absence of their regular isolation. In addition, telling their stories will help women turn their bitterness and fear into productive energy, enable them to speak up, overcome stigma, start to heal and be prepared to seek justice.

Readers will also have the chance to donate funds to help support these women to return to their lives and to continue speaking out on the violation of human rights. It is the goal of the Darfur Women Action Group to continue sharing these petitions as well as partake in demonstrating the subaltern female voice from Darfur to break the silence that is often given to women. With these stories, women will have the chance to themselves portray the picture and depict the problems with which grassroots organizations may utilize to restore dignity in their communities. it. Please join us in these 16 Days of Activism and take part in a unified stance against violence.

Join us and take action to end violence against women and to end genocide in Darfur -Sudan.

Here what you can do to help:

  • Sign our petition and share it with 10 people in your network
  • Donate to support our practical response to Tabit incident to help women overcome; link to our give page.
  • Tweet and share our action on FB; use our Hash tag #StopRapeInDarfurNow , #SpeakUp4WomenOfDarfur
  • Read our blog and share it widely
  • Send us your solidarity message that we can share with women of Tabit via tweeter or FB