Survivor Voices-New Series of Stories from Darfur


Survivor Voices

“The daily horror of genocide in Darfur”

Darfur Women Action Group would like to share with our readers heart-breaking stories and reports from our sources on the ground in Darfur. They will be depicting exactly what life is like in Darfur. The individuals there are constantly under attack and innocent men, women, and children lose their lives without any notice taken from the outside world.

Statement for International Justice Day


         Darfur Women Action Group expresses optimism about ICC and outrage against the continuation of genocide in Darfur.

The Janjaweed Are Still Terrorizing the Region

Just because there are no media headlines about Darfur, doesn’t mean that the war is over. It is well known that the Khartoum sponsored Janjaweed are the main terrorizing force in Darfur. It has been conveyed since the genocide began that they were a group organized and funded by the Sudanese government, but the Government of Sudan was in denial. However, in the past few months, they have increased their attacks, and according to sources on the ground in Darfur, they no longer try to hide the fact that they are connected with the government.

Act Now to End Violence Against Women - Is it Rhetoric or Reality in Sudan?

“Act Now to End Violence Against Women” was the theme of the recent global summit that was hosted by British government in London and was largely attended by people from all walks of life, including global intergovernmental institutions such as the UN and other nongovernmental organizations. While the summit was an important milestone toward addressing VAW (violence against women) worldwide, we believe there is a clear indifference in the world response to the plight of women.

Rally on April 25, 2014 in Washington DC - To mark the Global Day for Action against Genocide in Darfur. The Sudanese diaspora,



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