Fatima M. Haroun

Fatima M. Haroun is one of the leading advocates on behalf of the people of Darfur. She is a native of Jebel Marra, a beautiful area of Western Darfur that has been destroyed by the Janjaweed militias in recent years. A graduate of Khartoum University, she has an extensive background in rural development in her homeland.
Prior to the current genocide she helped establish women’s training centers that taught rural women handicrafts and marketing skills as well as providing health and literacy education. Mrs Haroun has served as the president for the NY based Darfur Rehabilitation project and as the Vice President of the Darfur Alert Coaltion Based in Philadelphia, PA.
Ms. Haroun is a social worker for the city’s department of human Services in Philadelphia. As part of her Darfur advocacy she has testified at U.S. congressional hearings, been a featured speaker at numerous demonstrations and rallies and has given many TV and newspaper interviews.

Fatima continues to be one of the strong anti genocide voices for Justice and peace for the Darfur People and for a permenant settlement for the long standing crises in Sudan. Mrs. Haroun has a BA of Art from Khartoum University and currently she is working on her MSC in social work.