Civilian Protection Campaign Pre-Made Email

EMAIL SUBJECT: Act Now for Civilian Protection in Darfur

Dear Senator/Representative, [INSERT LAST NAME],

My name is [INSERT NAME], and I am your constituent from [CITY, STATE]. I am deeply concerned about the unfolding human rights situation concerning innocent men, women, and children in Darfur. For this reason, I am emailing you on behalf of Darfur Women Action Group to ask you to support and accelerate the protection of civilians in Darfur before it is too late.

The genocide that began over 20 years ago in Darfur has not been resolved to date and has escalated due to the military coup that occurred in October 2021. Violence in Darfur has increased at an alarming rate in recent months where there have been mass killings, the burning of villages, the looting of properties, and the forced displacement of civilians. All of these attacks have been perpetrated with total impunity in Darfur and other conflict affected areas, with survivors having nowhere to turn for protection. In most cases, those under attack are cut off from humanitarian assistance, have died of starvation, and received a lack of medical attention. The rights and lives of civilians in Sudan are not protected.

The end of the United Nations-African Union Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) mandate has left a power and protection vacuum in the region, resulting in an escalation of violence and insecurity. Although UNAMID had its shortcomings, it was effective in engaging in civilian protection, and facilitating humanitarian access, filling a gap that the Government of Sudan was both unwilling and unable to fill. In contrast, its replacement, the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), lacks civilian protection mandates, which has left civilians vulnerable to violence. An independent peacekeeping operation is just one peacekeeping mechanism necessary to help the dire situation in Sudan.

I ask that the United States take the following actions to protect Darfur:
● Support or enforcement of an independent peacekeeping operation
● Authorize new investigations into recent violent incidents
● Support an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council to address the situation in Sudan, in particular Darfur, to rally multilateral action to prevent further attacks against civilians
● Explore all possible avenues to pressure the Government of Sudan to release all detainees without conditions
● Create a new mandate for civilian protection

The gross human rights violations by the Janjaweed militias and the suffering in Darfur has gone on for far too long, and we must all come together and use our common conscious to stop the killings and dehumanization of the people of Darfur. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you as this cause is extremely important to me.