Facts Versus Fiction is a campaign dedicated to providing factual information about the ongoing genocide in Darfur. Faced with a lack of media coverage, academic research, and investigations about Darfur the past two years, we took it upon ourselves to collect data about what is happening on the ground. Our team analyzed credible news publications and contacted trustworthy sources from villages and International Displacement Person (IDP) camps. With this information, we have been creating a series of reports that document violent incidents against civilians.

Our goal is to expose the lies that have been circulated since late 2016 by the Sudanese government and some American and international political leaders, who have stated that there is peace in Darfur. This misinformation is an attempt to water down the urgency of the situation and inhibit international intervention – from humanitarian assistance to bringing perpetrators to justice.

The facts show that the genocide in Darfur is still ongoing, entering now into its 14th year. There are over 4 million people still living in displacement or refugee camps. In the meantime, the mastermind behind the genocide, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, remains free in spite of an arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC).


We must act now to expose the FICTION and clarify the FACTS!

The Faulty Premises Behind the Washington-Khartoum Thaw

In October 2017, President Trump fully removed US sanctions on Sudan due to what he believed to be a decrease in the level of violence in Darfur. Additionally, US-Sudan relations have begun to thaw due to this misconception that violence in Darfur has ceased. This misconception has proved deadly for all those still in Darfur. Therefore, as part of our ongoing Fact vs. Fiction Campaign, DWAG has created a report to analyze the Sudanese Government’s claims regarding overall violence in Darfur.

DWAG has conducted a careful investigation of all available information, to provide fact-based analysis and to counter the deceitful rhetoric that has been promoted by the US and some members of the international community, and to call upon the United States Government to look closely at the actions of the Sudanese Government. The complacency of buying into Sudan’s new narrative has only served to embolden President al-Bashir’s regime and make the United States complicit in genocide, a direct violation of the human rights norms that the American people hold so dear to their hearts.

We hope that this report will provide greater insight and allow our readers to utilize our analysis to speak up and hold our leaders accountable about misinformation that will undermine a firm response to, and accountability for, the most horrific crimes committed in Darfur.

2016 Incidents List

We have compiled a list of attacks committed in 2016 against noncombatants. The list includes violent incidents that resulted in death, injury or personal damage – such as killings, bombings, UXO accidents (unexploded bombs) and acts of sexual violence. There are some cases of famine-related deaths since the definition of genocide includes non-violent efforts to kill a particular ethnic group or nation. Each incident has a link to the original source of information.

2017 Monthly Reports

Throughout the year 2017, we will be publishing detailed monthly reports of violent attacks and genocide-related fatalities as they happen. In these reports, we have also included all of the international laws related to war and conflict that were violated with each incident and links to the original sources of information.